Thursday, December 16, 2010

Save The Date Video

Tersangat malu to publish..but have to..sape suruh gatai ambil the package kn..hehe.. credits to LHMediaTV especially to Mr Lukman and abang pembantu.. 4 hours shooting..teaching me yang batu dan kayu to act..luckily fiance not soo batu..1 day editing and now..enjoice!

(high quality will be made available once original DVD received)

Jemputan Majlis Raikan Cinta Intan Marliana & Wan Mohd Syazwan

Orang kata tulis tangan lebih ikhlas (kalau mase terlebih :p)'s invitation to be posted on Facebook and mails.
Pink and white theme for beloved family members and friends..please pray the best for us.. :)

Monday, December 6, 2010

Bunga Manggar

I went to Nilai and bought below bunga manggar..two sizes..small with 2 for rm 9.90..big with 2 for 14.90.. again..its tiffany blue+silver..

Thursday, November 25, 2010

25 November 2010

One month to go? 90% ready i guess...10% mentally :)

Sharing Love quote from one of my closest friend in office:

We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly ; nobody is perfect.

Fuhh...take a deep breath..inhale..exhale..lets do it babeh!! :)

VIP and Rakyat Jelata Paper Bag Entry

I love kraft paper bag to campak all the wedding gifts and snacks. reason seems to be eco-friendly..nice to hold/look exclusive..but the price definitely costly. haish..i surveyed from Dear Azalea but after calculation..hehe kenot2..nevertheless outcomes are marvellous..

so fiance and me went to Plaza GM, Chow Kit..and we found this..Chinese uncle and his staffs were friendly and give special discount.. 90 sen/each...murah x murah x? murah kan?stronger than kraft paper bag..colourful and meet my criteria..of course my pink white theme.. previously i surveyed at Jalan TAR and few shops..after disc price at least RM1.50 for that kind of material..ape lagi..duit beribu riban melayang kerana tanpe segan silu membeli..i was satisfied!

maroon with white love for and white for rakyat jelata :)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Wedding Card dah dapat :)

nervous2..hehe long time no update but today..i wish to update to share my nervousness when received the wedding card..wahh sangat rase dah dekat nak kawennn!! am i ready? thank god no typo bahase indon ke kan.. :)

referring to previous entry, we bought card from Jakarta with cheaper price for such design and material i guess..haha..kalau kt Malaysia can reach to rm8 each but from Jakarta..quarter price! so ape lagi..


next step..finalizing list of friends and office mates..

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Friday, September 24, 2010

X Package Honeymoon

We went to Matta Fair!! we were actually been promoted by Relliance Tourist Group for 7 days 5 nights to Beijing..including panjat Great Wall and main ski bagai..cost..RM 2900 each including flight tickets..4 stars hotel..foods..entrance fee sume kan..hurmm..for me agak murah but is it worth for us to spend that much? the schedule quite pack and we made decision not to proceed..reason..lame sangat tinggal family kt mesia to handle for his bertandang while we go for honeymoon and we prefer to find more and easy package..takdela terkejar2 kn..

Second we went to Krabi/Bali and all sorts of honeymoon beach and near to Malaysia tour booths..hoping for cheaper rates..but actually not..reason : as our wedding punye time is peak flight tickets and hotel rates are much higher..we let go the package as we found out that price for these places together with tickets almost similar to this X package..

Jalan punye jalan..kaki pun makin we chose X package..

X package is 4 days 3 nights to Hong Kong Disneyland!!

Package inclusive:
a) Return flights for couple
b) 4 stars Hotel at Hong Kong for first 2 nights
c) Hong Kong Disneyland hotel for 1 night (final night)
d) Foods
e) Free entrance to Mosque visit and few Islamic punya building and places..
f) Free entrance to Hong Kong Disneyland

Reason we choose:
a) Free and easy..takde banyak activity lawatan sambil belajar..then can spend time relax2 with en hubby suke suki..hahah
b) It's a Muslim Tour with Halal Food..
c) Tak pernah pergi Disneyland
d) Booking date 30 Dec to 2 Jan 2011..can celebrate new year peacefully ngn hubby..tgk fireworks from Hotel..haha sgt romantic~~

How about the costs? RM2,390 each..mahal kah?

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Becoming Mrs Bridal

Yesterday..fiance and me went to Becoming Mrs Bridal near to Wangsa Melawati and Wangsa Maju..for outfit punye fitting..this bridal house is responsible for fiance punye belah in Putrajaya..which is his bertandang..

The auntie and the kakak were good in advising in terms of whats the best and current fashion..they also recommended which outfit will make me look slimmer and taller..haha tapi stress..coz the kakak said i'm too skinny..have to eat more..yes..very true..lately..i am really stress thinking of all this preparation and life after marriage..what to do? so i have to eat more and more!! hehe..

The price was not bad for hall deco together with fresh flowers and etc etc..this part..i let fiance's family to decide..bukan x excited..but i believe..let his family do their part plak..lagi satu..biar encik fiance tau..betape stressnye nak prepare kawen...huahauauahua..

We got 2 baju inclusive..1 for reception..1 for cake cutting..the kakak said i can choose 1 more dress for my side total 3 dresses..i feel good..part baju2 dah setel..

I tried below dress in muslimah way..dah cukup cantik but we chose the other dress yang lagi cantik dari yang itu..hehe suprise..xboleh bgtau sekarang..

Kawan Kawen..

Another friends wedding to share..actually encik fiance friends..

I love bed deco..
Pelamin modern n elegant..kenapela pink selalu nampak sweet~

bertandang side with red here for more..

Friday, September 10, 2010

Bunga Telur and Organza Pouch!

Lots of things happened when I was in silent...bad and good stress..

Whatever it is, 4 months to go..i found bunga telur without last..but with few tiffany blue butterflies and polka dots ribbons..agak pelik but i loike! so ladies..if anybody interested to find one..go to ground floor semua house..i think its a new shop..tapi sorry lupe nama kedai tu ape plak..huhu..rm3/pax..for me..its worth and unique!

Still remember organza pouch that i found at Krismaya with RM0.26/each?haha nak cut cost punye pasal..from the same ground floor semua house shop..i found same pouch..with same material and design with RM0.17 each..RM0.09 different?so apa lagi..beli jela terus..i bought for 300 pax..

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Tailor Baju Akad Done!

Yesterday, I went to Chong Sister Tailor at Menara Campbell Jln TAR to see the tailor..huhu quite nervous but since the taylor was recommended by fiance's mom in terms of the outcome especially on the sewing part..beading.. The aunty was very helpful and the price are negotiable.. she also even promoted the design based on her past my design and her design..hope for miracle please!!

Few people who came in and involved with our discussion said we made good choice for choosing auntie as the lady said she tempah her 2 daughters akad outfits earlier and guests said her daughthers dresses was soo lovely..betulke? let us tawakal.."auntie..please take your time and make my dress the best ever..wahhh meletops gitu!" amin..

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Wedding Favors for Kids..

As we all know, kids are more attractive to cekedis (chocolates, sweets, biscuits, muffins) rather than appreciating how creative or simple the packaging we did. i am looking for something simple yet cute..haha..i surveyed at somewhere near to Sri Rampai, Wangsa Maju last week and found organza pouch costs rm0.26 each..tapi xbeli sebab not much choice and i think maybe i can find something cheaper kt Nilai 3, mungkinkah?
Nevertheless, i found several designs that may be useful to all.

If u put candies inside above pouch..definitely kids cannot see them..hurmm..

masuk angin kot kalo letak M&M cam bekas kt about below pic yang ade riben2 tu?
tapi harga encik baldi tu je dah mahal kot..worth ke nak bagi budak2?

how about chocolate inside glass bottle? can find at Ikea but costly la jgk..huhu..
I may cosider for these last two kot..big sweet shape i found from international website..which quite hard to find in Malaysia..(anybody can help me?) or last2 campak everything inside plastic bag..i wonder if we can buy tiffany punye M&M..

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tote Bag for Bridesmaid

Bole terima tak if during wedding..the bridesmaid holding a tote bag for bride in case any urgencies? hehe..beg tu boleh campak tissue (in case bride menangis during akad/lap peluh2), foundation ke..lipgloss ke..gula2 ke..perfume..
I found one from this international link but i dont think its suitable for bridesmaid to bring along..agak besar kot kalau tgh2 kipas kene pegang beg..messy2..smalll pouch will do kot..but just to share the bag with u ols :)

Bride to wear tote bag? lagi melampau...hehe..but i found one in tiffany green

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Garden Dais

I love pelamin ala2 garden wedding and country with pomander balls, lanterns, white fences+arches+pillars+windows~combi with pink+white+tiffany blue+greeny balls and about trees deco with bling2..fresh flowers? huaaa can you ladies imagine..

Okla2..i post few pics from few sources..

Friday, July 30, 2010

Custom Made Mineral Water - Doorgift

I prefer to add custom made mineral water either 350ml or 500ml as one of doorgift..why? because Malaysia is hot! I'm sure guests will drink water either on the way back from my kenduri or kt umah..or even give to their children as bekal to budget is rm1 or more thing..since my wedding will be at home..i assume the weather will be quite hot..Ya Allah..tolongla bagi mendung hari kawenku nnt~

Last year, i asked the quotation from Qisdhi Nicework and got reasonable price..but last week they are no longer provide mineral water with the custom made wrapper.. :( one piece of wrapper cost around 60sen for 1300+ pcs..ade ke mineral water cost less than 40sen?Perhaps..i need to extra survey at Tesco ke Mydin ke for cheaper price..or how about Mesra shoppe? hurmm..share with me if you know anybody can give better price..kalau ada wrapper and mineral water skali lagi bagus..
I wonder if we can personalize above glass bottle with tux and dresses?

Credit to Qisdhi

Thursday, July 22, 2010

School mates Wedding Everywhere

Yes we are still contactable! my university mate can be my tadika mate and school mate..haha tak everyone has grown up and getting married..below sneak peak of my beloved friends..
a) Alif Amzar and Ika (photographer : KameraKahwinPhotography)

Friday, July 16, 2010

The Perfect Canvas

New idea for wedding deco...i found the link while facebooking..maybe interested ladies can contact the vendor personally. You can choose the best e-day pic and ask the vendor to print on canvas..instead of using normal frame and print the photo at photo shop..dahla waterproof kan.. 18' x 24' .. the frame is big enuff to cover your body..
Info from vendor :

Email your photos

Sizes & Prices:

18' x 24' = RM 80

21' x 31' = RM 100

36' x 24' = RM150

42' x 18' = RM150

42' x 24' = RM180

48' x 24' = RM 220

Delivery charges:

Delivery to your door step = RM20(klang valley & acceptable distance only)

Courier express:

Depends on the size of the frame. Normally around RM25-35 per frame.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Wedding Everywhere

Beautiful and ayu! Below pics for your nice view.. they are Saiful Nizam (pembaca berita TV3) and Aida (Gadis Melayu).. I adore Aida punya tudung..simple..colour pun combination of light pink and choc perhaps..rase mcm coklat berperise strawberi..

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Pale Tiffany Wedding Shoes

I found above pic from here. I want this!! Since my reception outfit will be in tiffany blue..i prefer shoes to be in pale/light tiffany..baju dh agak terang so i dont want shoes to be more outstanding than outfit..worse case scenario kalo x jumpe..have to find silver with bling bling..btw haritu I found silver heels at Isetan KLCC together with the mr creator - Bill Keith.. tapi do know is not the best heels that I want..bukan x cantik but something missing..hurmm..anyway Bill Keith sangat peramah..

Below heels also not bad..simple je la kan..

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cotton Candy

How about cotton candy as your doorgift?
Perhaps u can check the price with the supplier that i blogwalking earlier. How you judge the price depending on your budget..rm1.80/piece..hurm~maybe for kids..
Rupenye ade jugak cupcake with cotton candy on top..but from overseas supplier.. :(

Friday, July 9, 2010 demo

Hi all..please find latest demo from mr videographer..enjoy~

demo video 2010

Customized Pillow for Couple

Waaa..sangat cumil~ i found this from anybody want to order the customized pillow? letak name hubby and wifey atas bantal~

The packaging will be like below. u can even buy for yourself or as a gift to friends or families..what a creative idea vendor had. :)

Canopy and Deco

Alhamdulillah~ Cash deposit to Ms Anil Lutaze done! Cute lanterns yang beribu2 lemon for canopy deco nanti. Tq Anil for great cooperation and remember to save the date (25 Dec 2010) :)

The idea began when I blogwalking to Good job and credit to the vendor :) Pic below is totally beautiful..instead of normal canopies with scallop2..why don’t we try something different? Next, searching for available vendor with good deliverables/prices and services. Chaiyok2!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen

Thank you beloved bloggers for appreciating my ideas and sharing yours. What a nice world we have..full of imaginations and with very happy life forever and ever..

A wedding is about unity..a guy and a girl as one..big families..two different backgrounds..different culture and behaviours..its about cooperation and patience..

Jom diskusi difference between a guy and a girl related to wedding:

GIRL : Prefer survey at Pameran Pengantin…bridal shop..kedai nk beli barang hantaran ke berjam2 although not buying anything.
GUY : Nak cepat balik sebab takde pape menarik..boring

GIRL : Details and perfectionist in terms of selecting material or outfit..nk labuci kat tangan je..labuci kene corak bunge kaler2..nak berape persalinan eh? Veil nk panjang takat bahu ke sampai lutut?Nak covered shoes ke heels?
GUY : Amik je la mane2 yang cantik n murah..less accessories is better..

GIRL : Prefer to be wedding planner and prepare budget..siap buat excel sheet and reasearch any do-it-yourself thing..even tiny2 corsage and susun atur meja pun kalau boleh die nak control…bunga manggar pun kene matching dgn pelamin..hehe..
GUY : Ahhh..bagi duit kt mak je..pastu mintak caterer prepare everything..

GIRL : Excited and nervous for wedding almost all the time..kalo lg 5bulan nk kawen rase mcm lagi 5 hari lagi..
GUY : Ala..lambat lg la..relekla dulu..

GIRL : Sibuk nk pegi spa..hairdo…to ensure you are the most gorgeous princess for the day. girl can accept guy yang perut boroi..botak (asalkan sayang and protect her all the time)
GUY : Tak payah..serabut lambang kemachoan and keunggulan lelaki..huh! of coz guy prefer wife yg hot..cantik sepanjang masa..

GIRL : Risonye nk kawen..xtau masak..takutnye nak beranak! Boleh ke jadi isteri mithali?
GUY : Ape nk bagi anak org makan lepas ni?hehe boleh kawen lagi x? :)

GIRL : Sensitive sebab lelaki macam x excited or amik tau pasal kawen
GUY : Nak buat cmne? Laki memang cmtu..rilekla..

Based on the analysis..why both of them still in love and want to spend their life with each other? Things to ponder..

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Flower and Candle Table Centerpieces

I wish to DIY my table my reception outfit will be tiffany blue, I am thinking my deco or pelamin not supposed to be in that colour. Why? I want to be more outstanding..lalala :p~ takkan nak same kaler dengan alas meja dan pelamin kot..

Then..i decided deco and everything to be in white and pink..tapi tiny2 tiffany blue will also be available. Later, I will share which part will be in tiffany blue..

Let start with flowers as table centerpiece.. the colour must be pink and white..kalo duit terlebih..i prefer fresh flowers..either hydrangea..daisy.. chrysanthemum..or any flower yang petals quite big..why? sebab xpayah beli bunge banyak2.. letak 2 ketul dah penuh satu bekas..pastu decorate with transparent ribbon. or else, can see below pic..on how they decorate the can also click here to explore more about flowers.

How about candle as table centerpiece? Not bad..price cheaper kalau beli yg takde bau..but you can also buy some candles at Ikea yang ade bau..rm 19.90 for 30-40pax if not mistaken..either vanilla (I loike :)), fruity or flowers. You can either put the candle on top of doily paper kalau nak lagi save..or buy the stand or anything to ensure the candle stay in place.


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