Tuesday, June 29, 2010

E-day Post Mortem

bad things happened during e-day must be avoided during wedding day..good things must be maintained and improved for everyone satisfaction. let us start with:

a) date
make sure both families agree with the dates..sometimes..girls (especially me) prefer to save the most memorable date mcm date couple ke date cantek2 share with you guys..since my risik date was 050609..i wish my e-day date to be 070809..can u guys see how these dates inter related? but then..very the very last minute my fiance's family change to 080809 as one of his sister cannot attend the day if we stick to 070809..ekceli 070809 was Friday and I think its better for us to select penghulu segala hari..but never mindla..080809 also good date what?lagipun e-day is just simple..luckily caterer+mak andam can accept it..fuihh...BUT..for wedding..of course last minute changes are unacceptable kot...
b) hantaran
we agreed hantaran to be 7 berbalas 9..good things about my e-day..fiance's family are very supportive to sponsor few hantaran for both of us..hehe i loike~but the bad thing is i cannot choose what i want to put as my hantaran or his hantaran..i am lucky coz my fiance's family punye taste is not bad and same like my family..okla kot..for and fiance already discussed the more changes please...hantaran for wedding maintain as 7-9 again sebab dah xtau nk bagi ape. for e-day tak fresh flower tapi for wedding try my best..below is songket terengganu from Atikah Songket. credit to housemate, Ms Syafafwati for deco :)
c)pelamin and make up
to tell uols the is very hard to find good mak andam in terengganu..sometimes their make up too offence..i am also coming from kampung but their make up was not natural..memangla murah but i want the best..bayar lebih takpe asal puas last i found Rathisa Bridal..2 hours driving from my hometown to her mom ade tanye..why so far?krg kene bayo transportation cost..but lastly she also agreed with my choice..i loved the pelamin and her make up..for wedding..xdecide lagi cmne coz this bridal is newly setup so it takes time for them to take charge for soo many things..deko2..mekap lagi..pelamin..canopies..huhu..right now me+my mom+sister managed to survey few bridal shops kt Kompleks Teruntum..memang murah compared to KL but I’m not so sure the deliverables..ngaa..dah nk masuk bulan 7..5months to I too late? d)e-day outfit
pink peach..that’s my dream colour for e-day..i am not too sgt perempuan kot..tapi to show the plus peach..hehe..i bought the material when I went shopping at Semua House..survey punye last jumpe jugak..First Impression at first floor..the promoter also very friendly and the package came together with kain baju melayu lelaki..for tailoring..upah kt Kerteh for baju kurung moden charges mom said it’s expensive..yeke mahal?for fiancé..his mom tempah dekat Kuala Terengganu..
e) food and door gift
menu is typical kenduri of coz..nasi minyak..rendang daging (sgt sedap ok)..acar2..buah2..i let my mother to decide on that..for doorgfit..i bought varieties of donut from Big Apple at Mesra Mall then pakse my sister to tempek the simple tag..pagi2 bute on the day itself pick up dekat Mesra Mall.
f) room deco
hehe I also did simple room sendiri bilik tau..katil and dressing table was the heritage from my late need to buy the new one oredi.. what I bought was the candle stand and the bedsheet at Royel Ampang Point

please plan your budget and put the money for caterer..make up and everything separately..kalo takut belanje..give to your mom for safe keeping until time for payment..let say your budget is rm3000..make sure spare more..rm3500 case of emergency kn..

one more least u can control money out and how much u can see the benefits later early survey and ask the experts..then u will not rush and have ample time to decide what’s the best for you..

haa sebelum terlupe..sometimes your family or his families punye opinion not same as yours..please tolerate and consider..think wisely and less emotional..walaupun agak susah..give and take..prepare good justification if you want to reject tua sometimes cannot understand how excited we are until we want to control day u will admit that you are no longer a kid..nk jadi bini org kots!! be matured walau dalam hati ade taman!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Entry Pink Peach Engagement Day yang basi

tada~ sape2 yg sudi tgk..below are the best snapshots of my e-day last year..tq to my photographer aka my fiance's friend back in USJ..long journey from KL to Terengganu and I satisfied with his here to enjoy his marvellous artwork :)

fewitt..above pics are the most control ayu pic that i've ever done..can u guys see that my outfit is pink peach? i bought the material including veil at Jalan TAR..just walked around and bargain for the best price... btw..please be informed that the venue for this e-day was at my hometown back in to Rathisa Bridal for making me gorgeous and pelamin..(gojes ke?)

Me Myself and him

hahaha alang2 tengah excited ni..allow me to explain lil bit about myself..

name penaku is choclairissa..reason mane dpt name ni? curik dari gule2 choclairs tu..hehe sorry encik cadburry..clairissa tu adelah name pompuan dlm cite2 tv2 kot zmn skolah2 i pick that name gune time chatting kt Mirc..huaa diriku rase sgt tue kot..right now people no longer chatting from Mirc kots..everybody just log in to facebook or gune blackberry kot..

i am now a fiancee of somebody i known since we was in the same kindergarten..primary school..skolah menengah sekejap and uni..gile x berkembang kn?but that point of time i am not in love with him la...budak skema la katekan..we become serious when we join the same uni..dari situlah berputiknye cinta suci kami..lalala~rase nk muntah..uwek!! actually we have been friends for 19 years++..haha sgt tue rasenye..korg bleh guess la our age now..

important dates yg harus diingati:

a) 4/1/2004 kot.. sesi luahan perasaan suke same suke..
b) 5/6/2009 diriku dirisik
c) 8/8/2009 we're engaged!!
d) 25 dec 2010..solemnization..

whatever it is..the most important things in relationship are trust and tolerate between each others..we have been together for more than 5 years..biasela gaduh2 tu kn..but the end of the mortem is very least you both will not repeat the same mistakes..

p/s: next entry..brief preparation and our e-day..jeng3 :)

mari berblogging :P


At last..after reviewing and stalking bride2be's blogs..hehe..i finally decided to create my own blog..ngehngeh..reasons:

a) reading bride2be blogs make me feel excited and warm to share all my surveys and knowledge about wedding..haha bukannye terer sgt pun tapi sharing is caring kn?

b) cantik sangat!! i adore most of the bloggers punye efforts to prepare for their big day regardless tunang ke solemnization ke..bertandang ke..even diorg share tiny2 things about their dreams and hope..

c) i am getting married this 25 dec 2010 and appreciate other bloggers to advise and share your experiences and info about this big day.. i want this to be perfect..sume ladies want the best kn?

next entry..i will share about my details plak..anything..i welcome for any suggestions and criticism..its just my stories from anak mak becoming bini org..


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