Saturday, June 26, 2010

mari berblogging :P


At last..after reviewing and stalking bride2be's blogs..hehe..i finally decided to create my own blog..ngehngeh..reasons:

a) reading bride2be blogs make me feel excited and warm to share all my surveys and knowledge about wedding..haha bukannye terer sgt pun tapi sharing is caring kn?

b) cantik sangat!! i adore most of the bloggers punye efforts to prepare for their big day regardless tunang ke solemnization ke..bertandang ke..even diorg share tiny2 things about their dreams and hope..

c) i am getting married this 25 dec 2010 and appreciate other bloggers to advise and share your experiences and info about this big day.. i want this to be perfect..sume ladies want the best kn?

next entry..i will share about my details plak..anything..i welcome for any suggestions and criticism..its just my stories from anak mak becoming bini org..

1 comment:

  1. too...Good Luck & Semoga semua selamat ♥



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