Saturday, June 26, 2010

Me Myself and him

hahaha alang2 tengah excited ni..allow me to explain lil bit about myself..

name penaku is choclairissa..reason mane dpt name ni? curik dari gule2 choclairs tu..hehe sorry encik cadburry..clairissa tu adelah name pompuan dlm cite2 tv2 kot zmn skolah2 i pick that name gune time chatting kt Mirc..huaa diriku rase sgt tue kot..right now people no longer chatting from Mirc kots..everybody just log in to facebook or gune blackberry kot..

i am now a fiancee of somebody i known since we was in the same kindergarten..primary school..skolah menengah sekejap and uni..gile x berkembang kn?but that point of time i am not in love with him la...budak skema la katekan..we become serious when we join the same uni..dari situlah berputiknye cinta suci kami..lalala~rase nk muntah..uwek!! actually we have been friends for 19 years++..haha sgt tue rasenye..korg bleh guess la our age now..

important dates yg harus diingati:

a) 4/1/2004 kot.. sesi luahan perasaan suke same suke..
b) 5/6/2009 diriku dirisik
c) 8/8/2009 we're engaged!!
d) 25 dec 2010..solemnization..

whatever it is..the most important things in relationship are trust and tolerate between each others..we have been together for more than 5 years..biasela gaduh2 tu kn..but the end of the mortem is very least you both will not repeat the same mistakes..

p/s: next entry..brief preparation and our e-day..jeng3 :)

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