Friday, July 30, 2010

Custom Made Mineral Water - Doorgift

I prefer to add custom made mineral water either 350ml or 500ml as one of doorgift..why? because Malaysia is hot! I'm sure guests will drink water either on the way back from my kenduri or kt umah..or even give to their children as bekal to budget is rm1 or more thing..since my wedding will be at home..i assume the weather will be quite hot..Ya Allah..tolongla bagi mendung hari kawenku nnt~

Last year, i asked the quotation from Qisdhi Nicework and got reasonable price..but last week they are no longer provide mineral water with the custom made wrapper.. :( one piece of wrapper cost around 60sen for 1300+ pcs..ade ke mineral water cost less than 40sen?Perhaps..i need to extra survey at Tesco ke Mydin ke for cheaper price..or how about Mesra shoppe? hurmm..share with me if you know anybody can give better price..kalau ada wrapper and mineral water skali lagi bagus..
I wonder if we can personalize above glass bottle with tux and dresses?

Credit to Qisdhi


  1. You can try asking 'Dear Azalea', try to search for her facebook. Ive seen that she ever made one before. :)



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