Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Flower and Candle Table Centerpieces

I wish to DIY my table my reception outfit will be tiffany blue, I am thinking my deco or pelamin not supposed to be in that colour. Why? I want to be more outstanding..lalala :p~ takkan nak same kaler dengan alas meja dan pelamin kot..

Then..i decided deco and everything to be in white and pink..tapi tiny2 tiffany blue will also be available. Later, I will share which part will be in tiffany blue..

Let start with flowers as table centerpiece.. the colour must be pink and white..kalo duit terlebih..i prefer fresh flowers..either hydrangea..daisy.. chrysanthemum..or any flower yang petals quite big..why? sebab xpayah beli bunge banyak2.. letak 2 ketul dah penuh satu bekas..pastu decorate with transparent ribbon. or else, can see below pic..on how they decorate the can also click here to explore more about flowers.

How about candle as table centerpiece? Not bad..price cheaper kalau beli yg takde bau..but you can also buy some candles at Ikea yang ade bau..rm 19.90 for 30-40pax if not mistaken..either vanilla (I loike :)), fruity or flowers. You can either put the candle on top of doily paper kalau nak lagi save..or buy the stand or anything to ensure the candle stay in place.


  1. dear..selalunye meja beradam bukan catering yg deco ye?

  2. hehe boleh jugak nk deko sendiri..tapi kalo rase xde keje bolehla nk try..or else..suruh caterer buat sejibik mcm u nk..

    kadang2 caterer charge lg mahal dr u buat sendiri..tapi kalo u nk buat sendiri semua mmg penat..hehe it's your choice :)just sharing the ideas :)

  3. all the centerpieces are adorable! i loike.. =D



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