Monday, July 5, 2010

Fotographer and Videographer booked!

Fiance and me agreed to choose his good friend (Aizu) as the official photographer for solemnization, reception both sides. As we are friend-friend already, so price and services will be as tip top and cheapest as friend-friend should be..*wink*..sangat save..if anybody interested to know mr photographer in details, click here. He was our official photographer during e-day last year too. My sister will be second official photographer FOC..hehe..

LH Media TV has captured my mind during last Pameran Pengantin at Midvalley. With affordable price and promotion that covers long journey to Terengganu, I paid deposit RM100 with open hand..

Below is the 2 principal videographers package that I booked.

Video Montage Solemnization – bride to choose the song (HD)
Video Montage Reception - bride to choose the song (HD)
Full Event Video by chapters (solemnization, reception, guests and moments) (SD)
Transportation and Accommodation costs to Terengganu

Can you guys guess the total price I have to pay?
(p/s: please refer to the blog to observe the quality and videos creativity)

Btw,this package only for my side. Kak Hana (LH Media) said, if we want to add more package for my fiancé ke or pre-wed or post-wed, they are welcome for discussion. Clue : The package is cheaper than Avicenna..hehehe..

Tahukah anda difference between SD and HD videography? In simplest way, HD is better in terms of more pixels, picture clarity, brightness and all. Why I choose SD for full event video? Of coz to save cost..secondly as this video presentation may take hours and tendency people to get bored is high..people only bother to watch the video for 1 time only. Make sense tak? Hehe..

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  1. hye dear..can u share with me the quotation?

    salam perkenalan.. =)



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