Sunday, July 4, 2010

Hantaran For Him and Her - Ring

During E-day, we decided my fiance not to have e-ring as he already wearing a ring from his atok. For this solemnization, to make it official, we decided for both couples to wear ring..

For Muslim, i heard different kinds of fatwa from many people.
a) Tomei salesgirl said, guys can wear ring but gold percentage must be below 50%..betulke?she said that suasa contains gold but low gold percentage.
b) Guys totally cannot wear gold even single percent.

To be on the safe side, we agreed to buy stainless steel ring as the ring will be zero gold contain, cheaper and jeng3..we bought from Bausch K at Level 2 Suria engrave skali..nice~
For me..fiance parents yet to cannot discuss from this entry..

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  1. rumet... i setuju....kalau boleh jgn ade emas2 langsung la kot...walaupun percentage sikit ke byk ke..=) ade kawan i baru bernikah rumet..i sgt berkenan ngn style tudung dia...and bentuk muka dia pun mcm mesti nampak kemas and cantik pakai tudung mcm tuh..nnt i bg gmbr dia kay. kemas, cantik and tutup dada.



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