Sunday, July 4, 2010

Kartu Undangan and Jakarta

hehe our families decided to joint venture for wedding off to Jakarta we went,yahooo!

we bought 2000 cards from the same vendor named Kartu Undangan at Mangga Dua. soo cheap for hard cover wonder people go to Indonesia for shopping..For my side, we also bought 1000 pcs of wedding favor..something to do with soap and engrave..sangat berbaloi-baloi..

Extra info when you go to Jakarta, make sure you hire Pak Supir aka driver to bring u around the places as the roads are very complicated..u might get lost..below i listed few places and their specialties that may catch your interest..ask me if you want to know more :)

Mangga Dua - wedding cards but you must really ask the people around they just put cards into favors and bekas hantaran also available

Tanah Abang - laces..chiffons..tudung..jubah..

Grodok - millions of brooches..cheaper than Mydin

Pasar Senin - open late evening to early morning..just for desserts and kuih more careful when choosing the food

Restoran Garuda - halal indonesian food..surau also provided


  1. hi n my close frenz memg rancang nk pi indonesia..cari barang kawen...memg murah ka? dengar ur story makin excited nak beli :) beza banyak x dengan harga Malaysia? share info ya :)

  2. hehe memang sgt murah..cume arrangement kedai die xteratur..pastu keadaan die tak secantik macam malaysia la..i suggest korang pegi tempat kat atas ni je..tu pun rase tak abih pusing..remember bwk calculator sbb nk convert duit juta2 rupiah..kalau harga pulak..katekan kad kawen hard cover kt sini harga rm8..kt sane boleh dapat rm3 je..lepas tu design die unik..doorgift plak macam2..ade lg nk tau?



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