Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sepet eyes to Smokey eyes?

How to make Chinese sepet eyes looks bigger? I got this sepet eyes from my mom. Last e-day, I did asked mak andam to make my eyes bigger, After post mortem, I think the eyes didn’t big enough. Its just highlighting the whole eyes with eye liner or celak.

I found this link discussing about our topic today. See below Chinese model with smokey eyes.
How I wish bridal from Terengganu or Kuantan can make my eyes bigger like below..hehe mata dah memang kecik..boleh ke buat besar?

or just let it be as it is?


  1. that chinese model in the picture really rock the smokey eyes.. cantik sgt. How I wish I can have that makeup skill..

  2. dear!! better gi test mekap duluu...mana tahuuu MUA kat sana boleh buat as ur wish :)

  3. elya elmo : tq beb..i kene test mekap dulu walau ape terjadi :)



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