Sunday, August 22, 2010

Tailor Baju Akad Done!

Yesterday, I went to Chong Sister Tailor at Menara Campbell Jln TAR to see the tailor..huhu quite nervous but since the taylor was recommended by fiance's mom in terms of the outcome especially on the sewing part..beading.. The aunty was very helpful and the price are negotiable.. she also even promoted the design based on her past my design and her design..hope for miracle please!!

Few people who came in and involved with our discussion said we made good choice for choosing auntie as the lady said she tempah her 2 daughters akad outfits earlier and guests said her daughthers dresses was soo lovely..betulke? let us tawakal.."auntie..please take your time and make my dress the best ever..wahhh meletops gitu!" amin..


  1. dear, cn u plis share the quotation?still hunting for the right tailor.heee

  2. wahh best! insyaAllah everything will turn out well. doa banyak2 ok! ;)

  3. semoga berjaya dengan tailor baju nikah tu yer jgn jd macam saya...;)

  4. gudluck with nikah outfit!
    i pun anta tailor kat jalan TAR jer..

    p/s: i just found ur blog.
    feel free to drop by n share some info on wedding prep yah!
    im following u btw~ tengs!!!

  5. hi dear..sorry lambat reply...agak bz..tq for the wishes uols..

    kalo bab quotation tu actually depends on how u want your dress to be..below 1k is my budget..dress together with veil yang ade usual..the heavier your beadings...more expensive dress could be..

    nak tau lagi to me :)

  6. hie dear, just found u'r blog..bleh tak share nama tailor tue ..which floor ? tengah cari tailor nie..



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