Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Friday, September 24, 2010

X Package Honeymoon

We went to Matta Fair!! we were actually been promoted by Relliance Tourist Group for 7 days 5 nights to Beijing..including panjat Great Wall and main ski bagai..cost..RM 2900 each including flight tickets..4 stars hotel..foods..entrance fee sume kan..hurmm..for me agak murah but is it worth for us to spend that much? the schedule quite pack and we made decision not to proceed..reason..lame sangat tinggal family kt mesia to handle for his bertandang while we go for honeymoon and we prefer to find more and easy package..takdela terkejar2 kn..

Second we went to Krabi/Bali and all sorts of honeymoon beach and near to Malaysia tour booths..hoping for cheaper rates..but actually not..reason : as our wedding punye time is peak flight tickets and hotel rates are much higher..we let go the package as we found out that price for these places together with tickets almost similar to this X package..

Jalan punye jalan..kaki pun makin we chose X package..

X package is 4 days 3 nights to Hong Kong Disneyland!!

Package inclusive:
a) Return flights for couple
b) 4 stars Hotel at Hong Kong for first 2 nights
c) Hong Kong Disneyland hotel for 1 night (final night)
d) Foods
e) Free entrance to Mosque visit and few Islamic punya building and places..
f) Free entrance to Hong Kong Disneyland

Reason we choose:
a) Free and easy..takde banyak activity lawatan sambil belajar..then can spend time relax2 with en hubby suke suki..hahah
b) It's a Muslim Tour with Halal Food..
c) Tak pernah pergi Disneyland
d) Booking date 30 Dec to 2 Jan 2011..can celebrate new year peacefully ngn hubby..tgk fireworks from Hotel..haha sgt romantic~~

How about the costs? RM2,390 each..mahal kah?

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Becoming Mrs Bridal

Yesterday..fiance and me went to Becoming Mrs Bridal near to Wangsa Melawati and Wangsa Maju..for outfit punye fitting..this bridal house is responsible for fiance punye belah in Putrajaya..which is his bertandang..

The auntie and the kakak were good in advising in terms of whats the best and current fashion..they also recommended which outfit will make me look slimmer and taller..haha tapi stress..coz the kakak said i'm too skinny..have to eat more..yes..very true..lately..i am really stress thinking of all this preparation and life after marriage..what to do? so i have to eat more and more!! hehe..

The price was not bad for hall deco together with fresh flowers and etc etc..this part..i let fiance's family to decide..bukan x excited..but i believe..let his family do their part plak..lagi satu..biar encik fiance tau..betape stressnye nak prepare kawen...huahauauahua..

We got 2 baju inclusive..1 for reception..1 for cake cutting..the kakak said i can choose 1 more dress for my side total 3 dresses..i feel good..part baju2 dah setel..

I tried below dress in muslimah way..dah cukup cantik but we chose the other dress yang lagi cantik dari yang itu..hehe suprise..xboleh bgtau sekarang..

Kawan Kawen..

Another friends wedding to share..actually encik fiance friends..

I love bed deco..
Pelamin modern n elegant..kenapela pink selalu nampak sweet~

bertandang side with red here for more..

Friday, September 10, 2010

Bunga Telur and Organza Pouch!

Lots of things happened when I was in silent...bad and good stress..

Whatever it is, 4 months to go..i found bunga telur without last..but with few tiffany blue butterflies and polka dots ribbons..agak pelik but i loike! so ladies..if anybody interested to find one..go to ground floor semua house..i think its a new shop..tapi sorry lupe nama kedai tu ape plak..huhu..rm3/pax..for me..its worth and unique!

Still remember organza pouch that i found at Krismaya with RM0.26/each?haha nak cut cost punye pasal..from the same ground floor semua house shop..i found same pouch..with same material and design with RM0.17 each..RM0.09 different?so apa lagi..beli jela terus..i bought for 300 pax..


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