Sunday, September 19, 2010

Becoming Mrs Bridal

Yesterday..fiance and me went to Becoming Mrs Bridal near to Wangsa Melawati and Wangsa Maju..for outfit punye fitting..this bridal house is responsible for fiance punye belah in Putrajaya..which is his bertandang..

The auntie and the kakak were good in advising in terms of whats the best and current fashion..they also recommended which outfit will make me look slimmer and taller..haha tapi stress..coz the kakak said i'm too skinny..have to eat more..yes..very true..lately..i am really stress thinking of all this preparation and life after marriage..what to do? so i have to eat more and more!! hehe..

The price was not bad for hall deco together with fresh flowers and etc etc..this part..i let fiance's family to decide..bukan x excited..but i believe..let his family do their part plak..lagi satu..biar encik fiance tau..betape stressnye nak prepare kawen...huahauauahua..

We got 2 baju inclusive..1 for reception..1 for cake cutting..the kakak said i can choose 1 more dress for my side total 3 dresses..i feel good..part baju2 dah setel..

I tried below dress in muslimah way..dah cukup cantik but we chose the other dress yang lagi cantik dari yang itu..hehe suprise..xboleh bgtau sekarang..


  1. hehe..looking forward to see that dress in muslimah way..

  2. becoming mrs bridal tu my bff's aunty punye..;) ok x diorg punya service?

  3. ok service die babe..sgt peramah..harga pun negotiable..silap2 aritu i jumpe your bff. :)

  4. shakina : i xjadi pakai dress tu..ade dress lain lg cantik..nanti i buat review psl tu k..tunggguuuu~~

    mysarah : gambar tu i ambil from website becoming mrs bridal



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