Friday, September 10, 2010

Bunga Telur and Organza Pouch!

Lots of things happened when I was in silent...bad and good stress..

Whatever it is, 4 months to go..i found bunga telur without last..but with few tiffany blue butterflies and polka dots ribbons..agak pelik but i loike! so ladies..if anybody interested to find one..go to ground floor semua house..i think its a new shop..tapi sorry lupe nama kedai tu ape plak..huhu..rm3/pax..for me..its worth and unique!

Still remember organza pouch that i found at Krismaya with RM0.26/each?haha nak cut cost punye pasal..from the same ground floor semua house shop..i found same pouch..with same material and design with RM0.17 each..RM0.09 different?so apa lagi..beli jela terus..i bought for 300 pax..

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