Friday, September 24, 2010

X Package Honeymoon

We went to Matta Fair!! we were actually been promoted by Relliance Tourist Group for 7 days 5 nights to Beijing..including panjat Great Wall and main ski bagai..cost..RM 2900 each including flight tickets..4 stars hotel..foods..entrance fee sume kan..hurmm..for me agak murah but is it worth for us to spend that much? the schedule quite pack and we made decision not to proceed..reason..lame sangat tinggal family kt mesia to handle for his bertandang while we go for honeymoon and we prefer to find more and easy package..takdela terkejar2 kn..

Second we went to Krabi/Bali and all sorts of honeymoon beach and near to Malaysia tour booths..hoping for cheaper rates..but actually not..reason : as our wedding punye time is peak flight tickets and hotel rates are much higher..we let go the package as we found out that price for these places together with tickets almost similar to this X package..

Jalan punye jalan..kaki pun makin we chose X package..

X package is 4 days 3 nights to Hong Kong Disneyland!!

Package inclusive:
a) Return flights for couple
b) 4 stars Hotel at Hong Kong for first 2 nights
c) Hong Kong Disneyland hotel for 1 night (final night)
d) Foods
e) Free entrance to Mosque visit and few Islamic punya building and places..
f) Free entrance to Hong Kong Disneyland

Reason we choose:
a) Free and easy..takde banyak activity lawatan sambil belajar..then can spend time relax2 with en hubby suke suki..hahah
b) It's a Muslim Tour with Halal Food..
c) Tak pernah pergi Disneyland
d) Booking date 30 Dec to 2 Jan 2011..can celebrate new year peacefully ngn hubby..tgk fireworks from Hotel..haha sgt romantic~~

How about the costs? RM2,390 each..mahal kah?


  1. salam singgah =)
    hi choclairissa. nak panggil u apa ya?

    hr tu i ada survey few package to beijing jugak. below 2k pon boleh dpt. aktiviti dia sama like relliance.

    but HK lgi best la. hehe. boleh shopping!

    may i exchange link wif u?

  2. bestnyer nak gi Disneyland tu.. yer laa I think harga package tu mcm agak mahal. Macam boleh dpt lagi murah kot.. try servey lagi laa..

  3. pggl i intan je..tu nama sebenar..i dh pergi dh babe..sgt best n rasa affordable la pegi HK tu..refer entry i dated 22 Feb 2011 k.. :)



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