Thursday, November 25, 2010

VIP and Rakyat Jelata Paper Bag Entry

I love kraft paper bag to campak all the wedding gifts and snacks. reason seems to be eco-friendly..nice to hold/look exclusive..but the price definitely costly. haish..i surveyed from Dear Azalea but after calculation..hehe kenot2..nevertheless outcomes are marvellous..

so fiance and me went to Plaza GM, Chow Kit..and we found this..Chinese uncle and his staffs were friendly and give special discount.. 90 sen/each...murah x murah x? murah kan?stronger than kraft paper bag..colourful and meet my criteria..of course my pink white theme.. previously i surveyed at Jalan TAR and few shops..after disc price at least RM1.50 for that kind of material..ape lagi..duit beribu riban melayang kerana tanpe segan silu membeli..i was satisfied!

maroon with white love for and white for rakyat jelata :)

1 comment:

  1. Why does it have to have 2 versions when the price is just the same i wonder. Kalau lain2 boy-girl makes sense jgkla. Whos VIP ngah ke, tp ngah mcm suka pink sbb ngah pemimpin berjiwa rakyat hehe. Tp yg maroon looks more kinda exclusive ye la.msti sbb aritu ssh nk buat decision time beli jd amik dua2, tau sgt



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