Thursday, December 16, 2010

Save The Date Video

Tersangat malu to publish..but have to..sape suruh gatai ambil the package kn..hehe.. credits to LHMediaTV especially to Mr Lukman and abang pembantu.. 4 hours shooting..teaching me yang batu dan kayu to act..luckily fiance not soo batu..1 day editing and now..enjoice!

(high quality will be made available once original DVD received)

Jemputan Majlis Raikan Cinta Intan Marliana & Wan Mohd Syazwan

Orang kata tulis tangan lebih ikhlas (kalau mase terlebih :p)'s invitation to be posted on Facebook and mails.
Pink and white theme for beloved family members and friends..please pray the best for us.. :)

Monday, December 6, 2010

Bunga Manggar

I went to Nilai and bought below bunga manggar..two sizes..small with 2 for rm 9.90..big with 2 for 14.90.. again..its tiffany blue+silver..


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