Thursday, December 29, 2011

360 Revolving Restaurant on 1st Year Wedding Anniversary

I've been silent for a week plus..sorry la ye siapa2 yg merindu..hohoho..really really busy with work..just sempat to stalk, blogwalking and comments other blogs..on top of that..i was having fever but nothing more happen k..maybe later i will make one entry about the whole story..let me review about our 1st year wedding anniversary celebration first k..

Every year, the whole world will be on day leave and celebrate our wedding together..of course la kan since we got married on Christmas..lagi2 this year extra one day as Christmas falls on Sunday...bestnyeee...

A week before anniversary, en suami said he wanted to have a dinner at KL the package for two will be bit pricey compared to lunch..takpela orang belanja mestilah wajib layan :) I went there once few years back for lunch and if not mistaken the restaurant's name was 'Restoran Berputar' but now change to '360 Revolving Restaurant' hurm maybe different management but the objective of having the spinning and revolving restaurant still the same.

When i first went there with cousin's family, i wore casual attire with no jeans and this time en suami said we can wear anything we feel comfortable..hurm entah betul entah tak..bit worried actually sekali salah tema kena halau ke kan..when i watched Laila Isabella before, Nasha Aziz and Hans Isaac wore formal attire..siap coat and dress bagai..but en suami said we already booked and rules and regulations in their website didn't mention about belasah je la ye..

We reached KL Tower around 815pm after Maghrib prayer..parkings were almost full..banyak betul lawatan sambil belajar..we parked suka hati je at yellow lane as no more parking available..

What en suami said about attire was true..when we arrived there and about to take lift straight to the restaurant, we saw few tourists in jeans and ladies even in short skirts..meaning it was free and easy dinner..when we took the lift, the guard asked if we want to stop at observation deck first before go to restaurant but since dua2 kebulur tahan lapar dari lunch for this dinner..straight away we requested for restaurant..

We were welcomed by the waitress and she showed us the table..en suami started with fruits..bajet healthy starter la sangat kan..

My starter were roti canai, pasta, black pepper beef and chocolate ball..sedap! We only ordered warm water as other drinks were not complimentary in the package.

My second plate was briyani rice, cauliflower, fish, another beef and secubit roasted duck, salad and mihun sup. I am allergic to seafood except fish since 6, so i avoid from taking those food..I am also not a Japanese fan, obviously i wont take sushi..haishh manyak rugi la belanja ini budak..banyak tak makan..

My third plate was desserts and fruits..they served Christmas savouries..banyak tak i makan? hurmm i dont think so..en suami also ate few..perut dah masuk angin katanya..

For those who yet to go, i believe the price we paid (RM396 for 2) were not only about the food..compared to few years varieties were just so-so..nothing outstanding for me la..but the romantic moments with laid back songs, cahaya yang samar2, revolving restaurant were something different and memorable..makan slow2 dan nikmati keindahan malam should be ok :)

Want to see revolving (berputar) effects? take a look at below pic k..i took Picture A and Picture B in ~30 secs interval from our table at same position..can you compare distances from restaurant entrance, singer and our table? makin lama makin jauh..

Picture A

Picture B

Before we went home, sempat snap KLCC from top..

That's how we celebrated our 1st year wedding anniversary..thank you en suami for the treat even mula2 die cakap lupa bawak wallet (reason taknak bayar) you for a thousand years..eceeceehh :)

p/s: Liyana, happy anniversary dear..bestnya dia dapat baby hari anniversary..nak jugakk~~

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Kecurian Di Hari Perkahwinan

This is a true story happened..

Last week, en suami went for a another wedding photoshoot. The venue not to be released la kan untuk menjaga perasaan keluarga pengantin.

En suami said, while he was taking pictures, he saw one suspicious guy wearing tuck-in shirt with a bag pack walking around..tak senang duduk..en suami thought he was one of groom's/bride's family member..

After few moments, en suami saw mr groom caught this guy (yes mr groom di hari pekahwinan yang tangkap) and their family members came and talked to him..I was not in the picture when this incident happened but from en suami, the bride told groom that she saw this suspicious guy took one of her sister's handbag and put into his bag back..salute lah pengantin sempat jeling pencuri while attending guests..this incident actually happened late evening before couple went for outdoor..then couple pakcik makcik came and situation became bit tensed. This guy been scolded by the family and one of the pakcik tampar him..

What a shame la this guy..en suami cakap mak pengantin ade cakap "sanggup anak buat macam ni kat majlis makcik?" hopefully he's just working alone and nothing bad happen to other guests.
En suami said pencuri tu sempat makan lagi kt majlis before started his 'business'..

Inspektor sahab datang and he was brought to police station for further videographer was one of the witness as he captured this guy in his video..

It was an open space wedding, bukan dalam hall and seating arrangement..its hard to control the guests..takkan nak suruh tunjuk kad baru boleh masuk kan..hope to be lesson learnt and b2be to be more careful on your belongings..some people may take advantages of your busy-ness..macam2 orang zaman sekarang..nak ambil jalan mudah untuk kaya..

Thursday, December 15, 2011

One Year Wedding Anniversary - Pre-Engagement Pictures

Hi darlings,

For today, i will share our pre-engagement pictures. Kenapa baru nak share sekarang? Hehe because the pictures were taken before i created this blog.

If you all want to now, the reason we took these pictures coz en suami aka en bf (time ni) was addicted and getting serious with photography thingy.. these pictures so called his first edition..Bila tengok-tengok balik cam melampau jugak buat pre-engagement after merisik..huhu.

merisik ring and tak tau bunga apa dikutip kat tepi2 jalan as background

i took this picture..kire okla tu kan..en suami did all editing

the buruk me! tudung pun cam entah pape sebab tudung ariani takde lg time ni..
memang tak pandai posing and gemukss..

we set timer..lari laju2 and control ayu&hensem..
banyak kali ambil pic ni sebab tak jadi..
jangan tertipu..kami berpeluh2 di sebalik senyuman itu..

bajet cinta klcc la ni..hohoho..
also set timer..

Monday, December 12, 2011

One Year Wedding Anniversary - Save the date video

I admit, lately, i'm very busy with other things rather than updating blog..hehe ape yang busy sangat tu? i fall in love even more with encik aaron aziz after watched Ombak Rindu..i watched whole Nora Elena series again, youtube-ing and follow his tweeter..ampun suami..ini adalah duniawi semata-mata you more than aaron aziz!

To tebus my negligence, today i will re-share my save the date video. motif?

Dec is our wedding anniversary month..dah banyak pokok krismas means christmas aka our anniversary around the corner..yes bit late to share, harini pun dah 12hb tapi layan je la ye..

The idea of save the date video ni actually a very tiba-tiba..i never thought of having even a wedding this point of time, i found LHMediaTV quotation among the reasonable and affordable..i still remember at that time, i went to Pameran Pengantin and met en Lukman's wife, kak Ummi..she explained to me about the package and i asked her dengan muka tak tau malu " boleh tak bagi save the date free on top of solemnization and reception videos?"

Then she went to her husband, can't guess what they were discussing and tup tup en lukman kata "ok"...hehe i suspected kak Ummi goda2 en Lukman by offering special honeymoon at Terengganu (my wedding venue) alang-alang datang shoot wedding kami, dapat honeymoon terus :)

I still remember our shoot supposed to be Saturday around 8 am. En Lukman said morning is good for lighting, i have no idea at all. Pagi-pagi buta terpacak kt KLCC Park but ended up en Lukman and his assistant arrived late around 10am. Partner terlambat bangun katanye..hehe time tu rasa cam nak marah dah..haha lari mood mak..(hooho cam artis)..but en tunang time tu suruh sabar banyak2..ok fine i sabar..dahla dapat free kan..demand lebih pulak..

En Lukman was very creative and imaginative. Lagi2 mengarahkan si batu kayu cam saya ni suruh berlakon..what we told en Lukman, we want a video yang takde adegan pegang-pegang since we were yet to marry..(that's why ade adegan pegang cermin) while we were shooting, siap ada tourists datang bergambar..haha diorg ingat kami ni artis..hoho nasib baik tak mintak autograph..glemer jap mak..

Our scenes mostly at KLCC Park, KL Convention Centre and KLCC entrance.

After shooting pusing satu KLCC, we went to KFC and had lunch together. En Lukman shared about this interest in videography world. Memang boleh gang dengan en suami because he also loves everything about photography and videography..

(HD file terlampau besar untuk dishare..layan je la youtube version k)

Friday, December 9, 2011

Nov 2011 Wedding Pictures - Palace of the Golden Horses

Salam all,

This will be last entry for Nov 2011 weddings. I had opportunity to join my in laws for their good friend's son bertandang. I was really excited as the venue was Palace of the Golden Horses.

Almaklumlah nak kahwin kat sini tak mampu, join kemeriahan majlis orang pun jadila ye..

Their bertandang was 20.11.2011 while solemnization held 11.11.2011. Cantik date..

From the card, its garden wedding. I thought wedding would be an open space like Farah Af's wedding. Event supposed to start at 830pm. We have been informed that they were 3 other weddings at the same time so we planned to reach there early takut parking full pulak kan..around 630pm we reached sempatla snap2 pic..

Wedding sangat grand (gold,yellow cream theme), hard to share everything in pics..these are their arches..masuk-masuk ada satu, when you walked down the stairs there's another 3 arches.

bamboo style wedding signage

meja beradap

another view of meja beradap, full of flowers

as i mentioned earlier, there were 3 other weddings - see the canopies? tu lagi satu wedding kitorg jumpa..
i wonder cost bride and groom spent just for fully covered aircond canopies..

wedding by the lake

see the transparent canopies?
even time tu tengah hujan, we were safe :)

after performed Maghrib prayer (hotel sikit punya besar tapi surau nye mak aiii kecik n hapak..)
this picture took untuk mengisi masa's a horse lamp!

gambar buruk!
i was hanging the 'bride and groom leaf message'

ice sculpture

the menu - sedap!

announcing the arrival of bride and groom

bunga manggar

dayang-dayang to angkut sirih junjung

bride and groom ready to berarak
they stopped for a while and everyone was listening to selawat ke atas Nabi.

after berarak, both went straight to glutinous rice (pulut kuning) cutting session
no dais

while having our dinner, we have been entertained by gamelan team, tarian, oldies band called Otai Band (really recommend this band)
See that pakcik? he's like Kasim Selamat..played saxophone and violin...he's really talented..

Tiba tiba, guests were impressed with fireworks 5-10minutes show

Doorgift were telur pindang in gold box and pineapple tart. hehe forgot to snap pics.

What i know from FIL, they spent MYR250/pax for dinner. Fireworks presentation itself cost kira2 lah sendiri total expenses ye..hehehe...lucky bride and groom..wish you happiness :)

For more pictures, logon here

Friday, December 2, 2011

Hantaran, Candy Buffet and Outdoor Props at Candylicious

For today, i would like to hold Nov 2011 wedding pics to give way for this entry. Hope can give you some ideas for your hantaran...outdoor photoshoots props and your own DIY candy buffet..rare and unique chocolates and sweets..gubah and susun cantik2....

For b2be who about to shop at Suria KLCC, don't miss your chance to drop by this outlet.

I know you all would love's Candylicious in da not sure if these franchise outlets are also available at your area..but I have some pics to share..( sangat rasa nak berlari-lari riang pusing kedai sebab semua sangat comel n geram rasa nak curi)

m&m orange pillow, green tote bag and tshirts

colourful m&m pillows, shirts and towels

from smallest to biggest lollipops you've never seen..

lollipops tergantung tu hanya hiasan semata-mata tau :)

just choose any gum balls you like!
macam-macam ada..

timbang ikut berat ye kawan2..

hersey's kisses pillows..besar punye~
cube compare dengan m&m kuning tu..

more and more..speechless..

chocolate as gifts for new born babies..

lollipops everywhere (sila rujuk bakul transparents)

sweet heart roses solid milk chocolate
can gubah to bunga pahar or as doorgift :)

mini trollies (tak tau nak buat apa)

hersey's their own bantal too..

Visit here for official website..want to explore by yourself..go to KLCC concourse level, not so far from muslim/muslimat prayer rooms..

Beli tu beli jugak k..but no guarantee if the products are wholly halal..don't forget check the label at the back..price affordable but not so cheap la..but comel~ heee..

P/S: baru habis tangkap leleh tengok Ombak Rindu~

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Red Roses Solemnization Theme

I was called to made this entry - even though her wedding held midst Sept and dengar khabar angin Eira Syazira bunting pelamin..

I got these pictures after browsing her solemnization OP facebook page (banyak rupanya OP wedding Eira ni..)

Credit to G.i Photoshoot for clear and awesome piccas.

2 in 1 dais perasan tak?

For more, click here.

Hantaran Azad to Eira by Ari Weddingcouture (patutla cantekss)
Dais by Zaha Planner

suddently reminds me of our solemnization theme yang simple di sini..haha tak malu tumpang menyelit :p


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