Monday, January 31, 2011

Review : Bilik Tidur Pengantin

Hehe..what do u ladies think of this entry? Jangan pk pelik2 ye..

Actually I don’t think to buy new bedroom set due to cost saving plus my late’s grandma’s set still ok and look vintage for least can refresh my memories to arwah even she’s not here with me anymore Fatihah..btw..i used the set during E-day

20+years bed n dressing table~

Suddently one fine night..Mak called and said she wanted to buy new bedroom set for me..hehehehe ape lagi…zass…dengan “berat hati”..have to accept.. *wink* reason :

  • bedroom set were cheap..not coming from Empire or SSF or Ikea..but just local furniture shop near the house..
  • tukar mood..n set can be recycle for cost again..

So what did I do next? Terbeli bed cover ye kawan2 plus 2 pillowcases at Wangsa Walk..suke design n colours..

Curtains done by mom..amik curtain yg raya dulu2..recycle E-day carpet..

en suami solat sunat after akad~

Tips :

  1. If your room quite small..please please please (hehe macam lagu alif aziz plak)..dont put to many things/wardrobe..serabut..atas dressing table pun please kurangkan brg..
  2. Open the window for air assist mak andam to get enough ‘lighting’ for make up..make sure fan/aircond is properly working..
  3. Light up any candle for aromatheraphy..hehe baru romantic sikit.. (I bought tundra-vanilla candle from Ikea)..guests yang datang pun boleh la bilik pengantin
  4. Make sure your room is clean..sediakn tong sampah siap2 in case nk buang tisu ke small2 things.
  5. Pass your valuable things cam jewellery, hp, laptop to family members as so many people will drop by to bride's room.

P/S : on deco side..2 bouquet fresh flowers done by mak gantungan2 cinta..i have no idea on how they did these but I love the concept except the green sket..

gantungan2 cinta~

nampak x lilin kt belakang tiang tu?

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Review : Reception Bunting

I bought bunting from su n hubby - qisdhinicework. Excellent job dear! Only 2 days of discussion via mail..focusing on design..payment..everything was just at finger my theme colours were pink, tiffany blue, i thought it would be best to have banner with such colours..canopy and deco already in pink n the major colours for banner was in blue.. owwhh tidak : pls choose darker colours plus bold the letters to highlight pengantins name :)

As i was a very super bz bride2be...agak frust actually..terlupa snap pic with the banner..lucky en suami's friends ade yang snap2..okla tuh~

butterflies flying around the guys :)~

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

25012011 - 25122010 = 1

One month already? time flies..
Rasa macam baru semalam akad nikah..gigil2 n nervous..but its already 1 month..let us see whats happening from the day we tied the knots until today...hurmm...

  • of course I am still Mrs Syazwan
  • naughty2 friends/colleagues still making naughty2 jokes about my new marriage life.. like "balikla..husband tunggu kt umah"
  • still learning how to be a wife..selalu terlupa siapkn baju keje n buat air utk encik suami
  • terpaksa tak masak lagi coz stove aka kitchen not fully furnished (hehe boleh terima tak alasan ni?)..but but butttt..i'm expert masak nasi..hehe..ok ok..nanti masak la..belum dapat feel lagi.. :p
  • learning and adapting with new big families yang riang ria
  • still trying to reduce my sleeping hours..hehe
  • and and and belum update akad n reception post mortem n pics lg..huhu..

so next?

sukenye bunge n pic ni~ nak sanding lagi sekalii~~

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Before i start with the post mortem reception pics (exclude below pic)..i believe its best for me to post something here..

To share with all, highest gratitude to Allah the greatest for giving me the chance to stay alive until today..sempat jugak kawen ye..sometimes..when i feel lost..confused..tired on this wedding preparation..all the challenges to face n solve..He always there to support me..its really lots of solat hajat..praying for the best..

I was lucky..regardless Nov-Jan are the 'critical' months - raining season in east coast n hearing all sorts of complaints/opinions from people around me like "apsal buat kenduri bulan hujan?" or "habisla datang banjir" or even.. "aku xnak datang kenduri ko sbb nanti basah.." what do u think should i answer? more or emotions will be younger sister flight was cancelled due to bad weather..

but i know..with Allah's blessing..nothing is impossible..i also kept my mom's word "kalau nak hujan..bila2 pun boleh hujan"n few good friends.."hujan itu berkat..pasrah n terima seadanya"

what we did were..(bukan baling baju pengantin kt bumbung rumah as its khurafat) but solat hajat by families (my side and in laws) ..siap google doa tolak hujan...

and Alhamdulillah..I know Allah always love me and families..hari x hujann..rain stopped from 24-27 Dec 2010...thank you Allah :)

panas yang membawa rahmat

Friday, January 7, 2011

Bola Bola Cinta

Special entry dedicated to Mrs Anil yang baik hati~~ 62 bola2 cinta with various sizes and colours that i rent from her really made my day.. wanna see the pics? sape mau details..please private mail to or click here ..yang penting..jaga bola2 cinta elok2 as they are fragile..

close up

can u spot bola bola cinta among the pink ladies?

more bola bola cinta

Cream Grey Solemnization - 25 Dec 2010 last i'm married to a guy that i knew him for more than a decade..
now its time for pics..later post mortem..
solemnization heels...hantaran tunang recycle :) my dad did the white fence

adore the veil and outift..tq auntie tailor..suke itu bunge juge :)

fresh red roses for 9 hantaran to hubby..

makeup and simple akad's pelamin..anyone to rent the love2 i bought from ikea?

side view

i love the dimples *wink*

haha..muke sendiri harus diutamekan :p

blueberry fondant cake hantaran from hubby to me..

sape2 nk sewa baju akad?


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