Tuesday, January 25, 2011

25012011 - 25122010 = 1

One month already? time flies..
Rasa macam baru semalam akad nikah..gigil2 n nervous..but its already 1 month..let us see whats happening from the day we tied the knots until today...hurmm...

  • of course I am still Mrs Syazwan
  • naughty2 friends/colleagues still making naughty2 jokes about my new marriage life.. like "balikla..husband tunggu kt umah"
  • still learning how to be a wife..selalu terlupa siapkn baju keje n buat air utk encik suami
  • terpaksa tak masak lagi coz stove aka kitchen not fully furnished (hehe boleh terima tak alasan ni?)..but but butttt..i'm expert masak nasi..hehe..ok ok..nanti masak la..belum dapat feel lagi.. :p
  • learning and adapting with new big families yang riang ria
  • still trying to reduce my sleeping hours..hehe
  • and and and belum update akad n reception post mortem n pics lg..huhu..

so next?

sukenye bunge n pic ni~ nak sanding lagi sekalii~~

1 comment:

  1. happy first monthlyversary to both of us! ^_^ cheers! ^___^



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