Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Before i start with the post mortem reception pics (exclude below pic)..i believe its best for me to post something here..

To share with all, highest gratitude to Allah the greatest for giving me the chance to stay alive until today..sempat jugak kawen ye..sometimes..when i feel lost..confused..tired on this wedding preparation..all the challenges to face n solve..He always there to support me..its really lots of solat hajat..praying for the best..

I was lucky..regardless Nov-Jan are the 'critical' months - raining season in east coast n hearing all sorts of complaints/opinions from people around me like "apsal buat kenduri bulan hujan?" or "habisla datang banjir" or even.. "aku xnak datang kenduri ko sbb nanti basah.." what do u think should i answer? more or emotions will be younger sister flight was cancelled due to bad weather..

but i know..with Allah's blessing..nothing is impossible..i also kept my mom's word "kalau nak hujan..bila2 pun boleh hujan"n few good friends.."hujan itu berkat..pasrah n terima seadanya"

what we did were..(bukan baling baju pengantin kt bumbung rumah as its khurafat) but solat hajat by families (my side and in laws) ..siap google doa tolak hujan...

and Alhamdulillah..I know Allah always love me and families..hari x hujann..rain stopped from 24-27 Dec 2010...thank you Allah :)

panas yang membawa rahmat

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