Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Exchange links? On Streamyx :)

Title entry cam ads tv On Cinta ajer.. layannnn..

Streamyx bro came to our house this morning for internet connection setup..teet wireless connection in the house!! nak bukti? hehehe see below pic :)


Why Streamyx? actually we were planning for Unifi..nak la guna latest technology kn..en suami even registered at Unifi's booth. We went to Telekom for phone connection tapi rupe2nye our housing area still using old cable..agak x caya area Ampang yg maju ini rupanya masih mundur~so lesson learn : check internet connection first before register..lucky Unifi and Streamyx are we can switch to Streamyx without any contract penalty..once Unifi cable upgraded to our area, we can switch back to Unifi (provided install dulu Unifi then cancel Streamyx)..cepatlaaa~

Unifi 5 MB @ MYR 149.. Streamyx 4 MB @ MYR 140.. our housing area guna cable lama..only Streamyx 1 MB available..which cost MYR 110..
Okla cost..still laju ape..alhamdulillah~

Soooooo... more time to stay online..guna jari ajerrss..anyone to promote your blog? or want to exchange links with me? paste your url/blog address kat bawah ye...layan diri..jangan malu2~will try my best to visit your blog and follow u too..insyaAllah~


  1. hi...just found about ur blog a minute ago..
    and its interesting..jom exchange link..
    sy org baru



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