Sunday, February 6, 2011

Folic Acid Before You Know You Are Pregnant

'No one expects an unplanned pregnancy. But they happen-every day. In fact, about half of pregnancy are not planned. That's why you should get enough folic acid every day if there's any chance you get pregnant. Because by the time you know you're pregnant, your baby's brain and spine are already formed.'

I got above statement from here. Its true, my close friends also giving the same advise. Before this, I never think of taking any supplements for baby. why? hehe maybe I'm not so ready to be a mom..huhu nak jage diri sendiri pun fail lg..then still learning taking care of en suami..still cannot imagine how to take care of a more think..i am not too obsess of babies..babies are cute tapi camtu2 je la kn..

But bile pk2 balik..I'm 26 already maa..sampai bila mau tungguu..

ok2 lets be prepared for any possibilities..orang not plan for first child..Allah nak bagi rezeki ambil...karang x bagi baru we never plan from day 1 :)

actually i dont plan to buy folic acid but since period cam lari since last month..risau jugak in case pregnant ke kn..but as of now..confirm x pregnant coz my period back to normal after taking 1st capsule of folic acid..

what folic acid brand? i bought Kordel's Bio-Liquid Multi suggested by pharmacist at Guardian KLCC. why? Guardian auntie said we can also take folic acid from clinic but its just pure acid folic..this Kordel's 3 in 1..including other vitamins..hehe cam tau2 je saya x mkn buah sangat ye auntie..

Visit this link..its an eye opener for dummies like me..sangat membantu..

what i know from people around, folic acid is good to prepare your body in case tibe2 terpregnant, at least enough vitamin for baby early ensure your ovary..uterus are prepared.. tip i got from Guardian auntie..pls avoid from taking Gingko Biloba ( supplement to enhance blood circulation)..why? to avoid bleeding during pregnancy and delivery..betulke? ohh one more thing..try to avoid taking pineapples..fud2 yang mengarut2..

betulke?any doctors over here? :)

one capsule/day~


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  2. As produced by Lancet (a place where clinicians perform studies on things and publicise their findings), preconceptual (b4 getting pregnant state) folic acid aka folate has been shown to reduce the chance of the baby having neural tube defects eg. spina bifida. Unless youre obese or you got a couple more conditions 0.4mg/day is the dose that the study says. Not just how many capsules you take a day as per your caption. The brand, i dont know as i never get pregnant myself :P. Anyways dont rely on mkck guardian (saleswoman) too much as they can be misleading. If shes a chemist (irish colloquial term for pharmacist), thats much better given the knowledge, hopefully. Wallahu'alam

  3. Dear, I jumpe doc untuk ambil folic acid. The folic acid itself is a vitamin actually, my doc said. fungsinya untuk prepare the rahim supaya kuat untuk conceive. ^_^ I dah makan few tablets. Tapi mashaAllah...side effect die...urine jadi pekat and smelly. T_T Tak selese lah pulak I jadinye. *_*

    Tapi I'll keep on taking it. ^_^ U go see the doc too ye. At least doc will not give misleading info and will advice u on pregnancy things. Plus the pharmacist kengkadang just nak jual ubat semua pun ok bg die. ^_^ ok dear.

    ^_^ good luck to u *and me too* hihih

  4. ok2 tq liyana for advise...tula i pk nk gi jumpe doktor..oh i xde side effect i yg xsedar eh..hurmmm

    gudlak to u tooo~~ nnt share good news k :)

  5. Hi Choclairissa

    i pun ada mkn kordel's ni for preparation utk conceive..then ada jumpa doc juge.
    doc ckp amount 500mg dlm vit ni good enuff for preparation utk conceive...then dia ada bg juge folic acid from clinic die..

    but i prefer to consume yg kordel's
    sbb yg doc bg tu mmg air kencing jd kuning sgt2
    then day after i mkn..terus dtg period

    now i tgh cari masa utk jumpe doc blk..
    to consult why after i consume folic acid die bg i dtg period sbb my schedule for menstrual suppose to be lg 2 weeks time...

  6. tq mdmyaya for far u xde la amik folic acid every day..definitely off during menstrual..



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