Monday, February 28, 2011

For Rent Entry : Baju Akad

Details of my akad outfit for solemnization. They are now open for rental. Allow me to explain few things about my baby dress~

kain hantaran tunang
satin silk - grey inner layer
lace with beading - cream outer layer
sequinne and beadings using pearl, labuci2 in silver+light blue+pink
major beadings and sequinne kat pinggang, hujung tangan, veil of course la kan..
i tempah kat dress and veil including beadings kat
Chong Sister Tailor, Wisma Campbell Jalan TAR

my size : 32-26-34 with 161 cm

i really love this please take a good care of them..
sorry i dont prefer any alteration..
for those who interested to rent..let me know k..

refer to my earlier solemnization post here and here for more real pics :)
click on pics below to zoom in..

full dress..bit longer tapi takdela sampai meleret2..
ngam ngam if you are at my height and put on 2inch heels

beadings and sequinne start from wrist sampai half of your palm

quite heavy beadings n sequinne di sini~

full veil..labuh sampai half thigh in oval..

heavy beadings from head to neck...area lain minor


  1. gamba kecik sgt dear...takleh nk zoom ke?ehe

  2. kina : mungkin boleh dibenarkan tidak lama lagi
    elyaelmo : u double click..nnt die zoom..dapat x?

  3. dear,nk tnye dekat mana u tempah jahit beads untuk veil?

  4. @eida : takpe..mesti jumpa size u nanti :)
    @yottie_yatt : u can refer i highlight kat atas tu k :)

  5. hello!!

    that chinese tailor tu jahit baju you murah tak? and its is worth it?

    buat review please!

  6. kak intan,ni dalila kawan sarah.eheh.nak tanye veil tu from chiffon ke lace?leh sewa veil je tak?hehe

  7. wow beading dia sangat cantik.i punya simple je ;)

  8. @yaya:ala babe i xreveal harga baju..kalo u nk details mail me please..
    @dalila :oo hi..dalila dh nk kawen kn..veil tu lace..boleh je sewa veil mail kak intan please..
    @zimie:tak kesah simple ke mahal dear...yang penting selamat kawen semua :)

  9. nice baju ni..skunk tgh cari tukang jahit nak jahit baju..nak tahu detailing price die boleh ke? hehehe

  10. I just nak sewa veil shj..nikah 1september..just around the corner.. Bole x pm me rental reply me asap..0173397656 farhana..tq

  11. Salam, leh sms Sy ur details rent utk veil nikah? Nurin 0142502356

  12. Salam, leh sms Sy ur details rent utk veil nikah? Nurin 0142502356

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