Saturday, February 19, 2011

From Kimberley to Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel

Frust and dissapointed with internet connection for past few days..can't wait for Streamyx~~ for our honeymoon..hurm where to start?

Mama, adik en suami sent us to KLIA around 9am..we took Cathay Pacific with direct 3 hours flight from KL to HK..we were very excited and en suami googled weather forecast - colder than Malaysia..hehe dan2 pakai sweater in case sejuk kn..we ate lunch n went to toilet siap2 for any emergency tibe2 kan..dalam flight...en suami suddently said " tahukah anda..HK airport is one of the most dangerous/difficult airport to land as the airport was built on the island..." thank you Mr Pilot for safe landing..i bet Mr Pilot must be handsome and experience..sape setuju? :p

Once we reached HK airport, the weather was 21deg c..agak sedih mule2 as we thought weather should be below than that..even weather forecast said temp around 5 deg c..tak bersyukur betul..Astagfirullahalazim~ but actually even 21deg was very windy..sekali dtg angin...wiuuu~~

Ann Travel pick us up at airport and brought us to Kimberley Hotel, Kowloon. Room not so big but we loved the area..memang betul2 tengah bandar.. Schedule free and easy..pagi je ade trip naik bas..after lunch..we can go visit by ourselves..From the package, we went to Fishing Village, Ginseng Shop, Jade Shop, Hong Kong Island, n more historical places. Jom kite review pic k..

this picture taken on the 31dec2010..en suami bought me this devil's cekak..muka sangat penat as too many HK citizens running all around waiting for new year countdown..sgt crowded..

sorry tak sempat snap pic new year sbb kitorg x sure kt mana diorg nak pasang bunga api..tup the time pasang..view kitorg tercover oleh pokok :(

before countdown..sempat snap pic with abang police yang garang x senyum..momantai momantai~

police officer was on duty, watching and guiding the crowds to the centre of HK few hours before countdown..obviously we felt save walking aprrox 2km..saje jalan malam2 meniup udara segar..see..i was wearing sweater present from my younger sis..promote Ireland in HK..tapi muka ada iras2 abg polis x?

this pic taken after new year..we missed to watch fireworks from this area..hehe u can only see devil's hair band with HK building as background.

cantik x? the buildings were actually located at HK island..our place and the island separated by the ocean..HK has few underground tunnels since 1930s (if not mistaken)..sangat lame..

we went to Spice Restaurant @ Kowloon promoted by a guy yang lalu lalang bagi brochure..spice is an Asian restaurant..i think the owner from Pakistan..tengok bill tu? huhu..divide each price by 2.8..thats the exact price in MYR..agak mahal tapi nk makan nasi punya pasal..pejam mate je la ye..owhh..there's belly dancing by two ladies..hurmm..not mak2 kot..suke la tu en suami 'terpaksa' cuci mate yeeeeee..

nasi goreng indonesia..sambal belacan not so belacan..satay so-so la..fried rice x pedas...i still miss Malaysian foods~

snap this pic time jalan2..cute kn kete biru tu..i wonder its a car..or small lorry..less vehicles on the road..citizens prefer to walk..less carbon dioxide too..

maju ke hadapan~

this is Bohemia Flower..HK national flower..snap pic @ 9am..start freezing~
we went to Causeway Bay..tourist guide said..the sand is fake..meaning..HK government brought in South China Sea punye sand to ensure the sand keep clean. Government will maintain the sand every 3 years..nampak terang but it was 21deg C.
can u spot Jackie Chan's palace? cepat teka~fyi..Jackie Chan is a neighbour to Andy Lau..both of them made special road to their private houses for safety reason..
we went to Fishing Village..the last fishing village left in fishing village in Malaysia..more or less the same except there are still fishermen who lives in their boats plus billionaires to rent 'parking lot' for their private boat..
welcome to HK Disneyland~
masuk2 dekat entrance..
fence berbentuk mickey~
mickey~ when we reached our floor, we heard donald duck announcing the level..
sangat cute~

haipp..haipp..please do not disturb pengantin~

we overnight at Disneyland Hotel with HKD2k ++/night..approx MYR 1k++ ..i wonder how travel agent can make profit with such cheap package~

the little mermaid~

7 cop2..mane lagi 2?

en suami menahan diri dari pancaran cahaya matahari..what a lovely guy holding cute minnie mouse umbrella~

they are real people..cantik sangat~ i wonder how do they look like without make up..

cinderella castle on day light~

mickey, goofy and cartoon characters' houses..tapi semua tipu belaka sebab x boleh masuk..another bohemia's in da house..

en suami with disneyland recycle bin~

i want one~ big one~
christmas tree centre of disneyland~

mickey's waffle as supper..tq en suami for the treat~

space traders - i hate roller coasters~
tired face 6am @ HK airport..penat gile tapi taknak balik~

Overall..i love to be in HK..halal food are available..easy to shop as we were staying middle of HK..the package also very affordable..accomodations were ok..

My advise..for those who wish to plan overseas honeymoon..especially for saving ladies..when you use your own pocket will appreciate every moments that you have together with your partner..i kumpul duit dari zaman uni..i believe most of you can do the same too..tapi kalau ada families yg nk sponsor..lagila bestkn..

Please visit en suami's blog for more pics.

There will be special entry soon..focusing on what to bring..what to do when you are travelling outside Malaysia..for those who always travelling..your are welcome for opinions too..jom sharing2..

There will be 15 minutes fireworks performance video soon~~

P/S : temperature in HK dropped from 21 deg C @ 30 Dec 2011 to 5 deg C @ 2 Jan 2011.



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