Monday, February 28, 2011

My Solemnization Dais - credit to Ikea

The idea of solemnization dais been inspired by Ikea :) We went there and heart-ed them..tak caya? cuba tengok gambar kat bawah ni..siap merajuk dengan en suami sbb die tak restu mula2 nak beli (en tunang time tu ye)

i really love white and red combi~

i bought mine too~

I wonder Ikea management ever imagine their tirai2 n deco gave me these inspiration?haha so Ikea..please give extra voucher sofa set..or maybe choose me as your ambassador? haha berangaannnn~

i wished for a 'modern and hot' solemnization..for me..i already achieved my target..i bought two tall vases back in my hometown and asked kakak bridal to deco as what i told to.

each vase filled by plain water (put in few drops of syrup for colouring) +
white ribbon +
red roses

red pillows+white carpet

as i will be wearing cream+grey..the dais colour need to be outstanding for matching..jangan pilih baju pengantin sama warna dengan pelamin tau~

there were four paper lanterns as additional deco.

i love the big love..small loves hanging with bling2 at the back..
and most importantly..i love en suami~

please ask/mail me for quotation..if you wish to rent all my love..opss en suami excluded from the package ye~~hehehe :)


  1. tirai love tu mmg ade kale merah je ke kat ikea erk? nice idea gak kan.. hehe.. tp majlis bersanding dah merah so kene pilih kale lain selain merah la..

  2. veil yg indah :) mini pelamin yang chantek juge :)

  3. @fitria : i beli tirai tu dec2009..haha baru perasan dh lama..yups ade kaler tu je..tema ikea time tu red+white

    @reen tart nenas : tq dear for compliment :)

  4. wah cantik la!! klu i nak sewa tirai tu bole??

  5. salam.boleh sy tau veil tu you tempah kt mn?


  6. nak sewa tirai...pls pm sy

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. pm sya harga tirai tu blh??



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