Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Review : Doorgift

Its time for doorgift for VIPs and rakyat jelata..

choc chip muffin - mak recommended..sedap
bought for 2000pcs for rm1/ 90pcs =)
1 for rakyat jelata, 2 for VIP

cikgu rastia @ vendor baked on the 24th morning and sent later on evening..tahan for 1 week

bekas sabun & sabun - received from Indon
eathernware with palm size
intan & syazwan 25 dec 2010 written on it
rm 1/each..

mineral water 500ml - from qisdhinicework
berat sangat nak drive n bring 1600 pcs from KL back to Terengganu..
love the design n colors...matching with banner =)
received good feedbacks from guests..unique
late expiry dates and bottle can be recycled =)

ready to meet the guests!

last minute..bought small doily paper from SSF and youngest sis n cousins stapled and did this deco for VIPs

later i share doorgift for kids k..


  1. cutenya.nice intan.ehehe sorry i br baca sbb masa ni xjmpe lg blog pn dpt dr entry liza td u bg ka komen box dia so i search :)

  2. salam,
    label botol tu sticker ke atau kertas yg cam nampka licin sket tu?

  3. lisa : tq very much lisa..sorry lmbt reply comment i really appreciate your effort cari blog i ni :)

    littesunshine : hehe comel~

    nurul: salam dear..kertas yg licin2 tu..mcm normal mineral water..sbb yg i tau..rendabelleza tu beli botol air kt tesco brand lain..then lekatkan kertas tu ngn gam :)



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