Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Review : Guest Table Deco

ok i made simple guest table to my youngest sis for her assistance..syabass bette :)

actually, i wish to buy chrysanthemums..but at very last minute..i decided to change to due some inconveniences. ok jangan pk panjang2..luckily found these flowers..xsure bunga apa..but ayah planted them..
  • Prepare blue/turqoise/clear medium glass, plain water, turqoise ribbon, fresh flowers, salt/panadol, 'wired butterfly'.
i bought butterflies at Nilai 3~
  • Tie turqoise ribbon to medium glass. I prefer simple knot..
like this~
  • Put plain water plus panadol/salt, butterflies into the glass. fyi, salt/panadol helps to ensure fresh flowers to stand still. thats all! :)

dah siap~

zoom in~

For VIPs, no table deco as table already full with dome, cutleries etc. serabut nanti.

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