Thursday, March 31, 2011

Surprise Delivery

My mother in law (MIL)'s bday was on the 28th march..en suami has one younger brother and two younger sisters..paham2 je la lelaki jarang aware psl nak buat suprise2 ni and en suami's sister yang sorg kat uni..another one pergi i was the one and only to plan..

It was a simple suprise delivery to MIL's house..early morning i called and wished her ( to ensure she was in the house)..oh btw MIL is a housewife..then i made online order basket of flower plus grapes from here...not so far away from MIL's house.

click here for exact hi-quality pic..

Service? tip top..i made online transaction at 1040am..MIL got the suprise delivery by 1230..same day ye kawan2..

Later that evening, father in law (FIL) asked en suami to buy Chocolate Indulgence tapi tak bagitau MIL..i donno whether he remembered MIL punya birthday ke x sebelum2 ni but at least he made some effort...sweetnye~ then..potong kek..makan2 n borak2..simple je..

happy birthday Mama :)

Hopefully en suami will remember my birthday at least..every year sampai tua..bit demanding asking him to wish every wedding monthversary n begging for unreasonable gift..but last month he gave Bisou cupcake..suke2..bila la nk dapat hadiah kete ye...hahaha..

red velvet cupcake~

So next..siapa punya birthday..please raise your hand!!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wedding Wall of Fame

Wish to be glamour like movie stars?

I found this wall of fame from my friend's facebook where she attended her other friend's wedding.
no idea where the bride got it..
am guessing she ordered one big banner and tie to a big board..

maybe u can try to DIY..

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Bunga Manggar and Signage

This is my bunga manggar and signage..

my house just next to main road..the only main road from KL to Kuala Terengganu until now
then i can put our bunga manggar betul betul sebelah jalan besar

tq Pak sebab pacak pacak the signboard plus bunga manggar malam malam buta..
see the ribbon ties intan and syazwan?
i made it by myself..agak buta IT so create using Paint je..

tips to b2be :
1. print the wordings on A3 paper
2. fonts must be big as possible, colour to be contra from background
3. letak something cam bunga manggar ke..riben ke yg terang dan sama guide your guests from far..
4. to include event date is optional.
5. letak direction or arrows and fill with colours..
6. make signboard as much as possible..lagi2 kalau rumah korang ada banyak simpang..(this may not applicable for Putrajaya..)
7. bila nk letak signboard..please pretend to be guest yang tak pernah datang rumah/venue..then u know where to put the signage yang bagi orang nampak n tak confuse ;)

where did i buy my bunga manggar?

click here.. nama kedai die ZC..

want something different?

these what i found..

bunga manggar bulu bulu from here

or simple one like this? i jumpa kat Nilai

Monday, March 28, 2011

Happy and Sad Hot Air Balloon

Another monday bluesss..

Entry basi but wish to share en suami's piccas from his blog..captured during Hot Air Balloon last two weeks - dropped by to Putrajaya on the way back from my ex housemate wedding in Melaka..(later i share the pics k) lots of hot air balloon from various countries..even Doraemon tapi tak sempat snap sebab Doraemon menyorok..

dont be sad~

be happy~

One hot air balloon with two faces..haish..talam dua mukakah?lalala~

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Wedding Umbrella

Few ideas on wedding umbrella..either to buy new one or rent..definitely your wedding day will be more meaningful..even maid of honor holding umbrella for few minutes..

Current trend..white lace what I did for my reception..

pic from spreadmyhappiness

you can rent from here and here or even here

or DIY from here

Dare to be different?

While browsing to Kudegraphy facebook page, another new idea..should be chinese or baba n nyonya style of umbrella..

nampak x lisa surihani?

this one i found from mr google from this link..another chinese kinda umbrellas

nice one~

opt for transparent?

or rainbow?

or black?
source from my good friend's brother wedding back in my hometown..

more wedding umbrellas idea also available from this link.

which one you choose? :)

Friday, March 25, 2011

3 months

What? 3 months already..can i declare as wedding quarterversary? hahah very the broken english..

Hurm what did I do and learnt for past 3 months?
  • I become more muti tasking lady..prepare breakfast before work..prepare lunch n dinner during weekend if we just stay at the laundries..ironing..wash dishes..
  • More structured as I have to plan ahead what to eat tomorrow, when to do laundries..more or less..some sort like a to-do list inside my head..have to think about en suami..what he likes..what he dislikes..
  • Time improvement while prepare meal..used to be reduce to 1hour30min..but still takut2 nk goreng ikan lagi sbb meletup2 ;p~ sangat suka tengok en suami mkn food yg i masak..
  • Dah kurang tengok tv especially movies ke nona ke..melodi ke...huuu~tengok berita ajer k..

What we do together? there will pinch of jealousy here and there for b2be out hard feeling ladies..your time will come..for long distance wifeys..sabar n doa banyak2 k..i truly understand what you feel now as I experienced before too..
  • Sembahyang jemaah..not all the time but few times per week..berimamkan husband pulak tu~then salam tangan suami n he kisses my forehead..bahagienye~
  • Pergi jalan sama2..tak payah fikir balik lambat mak marah ke..nak pegang tangan boleh tak..halal maa..
  • Kemas rumah sama2..ladies..if your hubby wants to give a hand..let him him and comments if any improvement needed. jangan semua tak bagi..last2 die x buat n u terkontang kanting kepenatan sorang2...i am lucky to have en suami yang tak banyak songeh n once i tegur..he will take note..
  • Most importantly, when open my eyes every morning..i can see en suami by my side..huaaa please imagine the warmness hug from somebody that u love soo much.. sukenyee~
But but so good are:
  • People keep asking when will i get pregnant..huuu sob sob..maybe not our time yet..i heard from good friends..Allah will give you the gift when He thinks you are ready..there must be reason behind it right? He knows better..ala lagipun baru 3 bulan kot..chaiyok2 intan n syazwan..
  • Gaining weight...this one really bad..we even bought weight measurement thingy tapi cam saiko everytime timbang..naik la dlm 1-3 kg..siap ada officemate cakap my hips dah kembang cam anak satu...what?? betulke?? kenapa i rasa seluar x ketat pun..erm2..ilusi optikkah diorg? ok ok..ketat sikit..sikitttt je..
I'm hoping our love will always be in our heart..and we will always be like this even our 3 decades of anniversary..amin~


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wedding Highlights - Video

Guess what? landing next to en suami yesterday night (en suami dah tdo x sedar diri dah) heart stopped for 2secs and shivering..haha..checked my BB and saw En Lukman tagged both of us in Facebook..our wedding highlight!!

Ok terus tak boleh tdo..tik tok tik tok..lampu dah tutup..12:01 am..nak bukak laptop ke tak..nak bukak laptop ke tak..haha i crawled from bedroom to living room tak nak bagi en suami terjaga dari tdo n...

nampak tak air laut tu?
sorry tak dapat dvd from En Lukman LH Media TV lagi..
later i share k..

btw, video liyana from squarecut pun ada jugak tapi unfortunately fail to view the video from office..
blocked..shushu jangan bagitau bos i k..kene kerja la tu maknenye ;(

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lesson Learnt : Photographer

Its really worth it for en suami and I choosing NikAizu as our official photographer for both sides.

Bonus point as we are same the material..the expectation more or less quite similar..

I pulak suka gambar ala2 vintage..english style which i found from NikAizu..

How he took our pic..the angle..his friendliness..NikAizu prefer to capture candid moments..jarang la die bagi queue tengok kt camera..that's the rule of photog right? u have to find our best shot..not we giving you our best plastic pulak kn....pengantin dahla agak busy greeting the guests..salam2 bagai..

Lesson learnt i would share still based on my own experiences dealing and searching for best photographer.
  • Calculate and plan your much will you allocate for the photog..some people..prefer pictures rather than you may allocate more on photog..ukur baju di badan sendiri la ye kawan2..
  • Please do survey..browse through photog website/blog and analyze on how they capture the moments..below pics as source below if u wish to see more pics..u can decide by your own which one you prefer..or maybe you have any other preferences. compare the angle..clarity and brightness..i pun bukan tahu sangat tapi en suami teach me how to compare..

source from NikAizu

source Kudegraphy

see the differences?
  • Ask for quotation and compare the best rates..especially on hour coverage, how much pic to be edited, when will you get the pics..photobook material..ade free outdoor x..most importantly who will attend and snap your pic..junior photog..or senior..or even the founder the contract, terms and condition..
  • Once photog is confirmed, arrange for accomodation (in case your event outside photog cover area)..a safe accomodation tau..not necessarily to be a hotel least a meaning tempat yang selamat as photog will bring high tech punya camera yang besar gajah...
  • On top of that, if you have any idea cam outdoor place nak promote..let photog least he can imagine or plan..survey tempat tu ke..macam aritu..kitorg bagitau ada pantai dekat area rumah..(something i baru discover..rupanya en suami cakap kt aizu i pemalu nak ambil gambar wonder la takde pic camtu sangat..agak sedih sebenarnya..)
  • Keep in touch with least remind him your date...sms ke..karang die terlupa datang..menangisssss~but not too over remind k..karang rimas pulak..
  • During the day..better bagi corsage to was my bad for not giving him the corsage sbb tup tup kakak bridal punya husband tibe2 sama busy ambil gamba kitorg..which least he will be more appreciated n senang families semua nak pose..they knows.."owhh ni la official photog"
  • Make sure photog to take meal..breakfast and lunch..or even dinner (kalau akad malam) based on my previous experience back in uni..ada instructor penting nak elak bila gigil gambar mood photog pun lari sebab pk pasal food je...hehe..
  • Remember, thank you mr photographer..kesian diorg peluh2..buat free stunt to capture your lovely moments..

Monday, March 21, 2011

Super Gorgeous Wedding Dress

Why too late? huuuu~~
how i wish to wear this dress during reception..totally off from my tiffany blue theme but
who cares...hahaha..

Source from Rinssuzana
good job!

nampak tak?
ok zoom in..

further zoom in..

click here for better view..
see the sequinne and chiffon i guess..makkk rasa nak kawen lagi~
a very fairy tale dress in pink champagne

focus on heels..ropol2 with white pearls n lace..
i wonder how much they cost..

for bride2be who still searching for perfect champagne would be my suggestion..sweet yet exclusive..

Pillow Dais

New idea i guess..rasa sangat nak tidur~~ zZz.zZzz...opss tertidur..hahaha..

Suddently i feel to make this entry after revewing blog lala...

instead of pillow at the corner of dais..
source from Qamasutra

hahaha now attach pillows to the wall as back drop
source from Qamasutra

how about this? banyaknye bantal..
source from ezwahashim

then main baling baling bantal manje2..hehehe..

but chopp...aci tak letak bantal kt bawah ni kt pelamin?

source from here

Friday, March 18, 2011

Lesson Learnt : Make Up

This will be my first lesson learnt from my one and only will be a combination of solemnization, reception and even my bertandang reviews..i would like to share, hoping b2be out there to take note and avoid from repeat same mistakes/flaws and be more careful..based on positive and negative feedback and own observations..

Make up! very essential aspects for every b2be..semua bride nak cantik kan? like princess from fairy tale..huuu~~
  • Please do makeup testing..make up artist (MUA) definitely menabur janji2 manis cakap semua ok..even pics from album are totally different to compare with real time..dont assume and take it pay what? so ask her to familiar with your 'face' to cover your jerawat ke mole ke..
  • Why i mention MUA as 'her'? i would really suggest b2be to get a lady/makcik2 to make up..Mak even said she rejected mak nyah to make up me..not proper la be straight forward..its a sin to show your hair..duduk dekat2 with him (sometimes can be alone in the room)..a guy will always be a guy..still batal air sembahyang kan..nak ke air sembahyang kite prepare for majlis batal air sembahyang during akad dibatalkan not from your hubby?
  • Cakap biar myself..i informed MUA to make my eyes look bigger..and she did that..suke~ tapi my eyes bit sepet for bertandang..but still more thing..mintak quotation siap2 if you wish for more than one time make akad sekali..sanding make up lain..
  • Ask MUA schedule..taknak die make up u cincai2 sebab die nk rushing pergi mekap org lain case emergency..siapa nak jawap? mereka dan keluarga mereka~
  • Ask MUA to put some foundation to your hands..upper palm..useful especially time akad nikah..nak sarung cincin nampak jari n tangan cantik n berseri..
  • Kawen ibarat melengkapkn separuh lagi tuntutan Islam..please avoid/try your best from doing something yang mengurangkan pahala like pakai contact lense kaler2..baju ketat melampau..cukur bulu kening..something that change the beautiful you..i know its quite hard..but at least we can try kan?
  • If your wedding to be outdoor like mine..ask MUA to make up tebal sikit but still natural and berseri..outdoor would be little bit make up senang myself..kakak tu mekap nipis..frustrated pulak bila dah petang sikit..for solemnization..i really love the makeup coz its indoor and i was facing aircond almost all the time..but for reception..a bit cacat when i started sweating..bile dah frust..mula muka cam nenek tua..senyum pun dah kurenggs..outdoor kat pantai even worst..rasa cam nak mekap lagi skali ;(
  • Make sure MUA near to you in case emergency cam nk touch my side..MUA turun makan kejap but when we called, she will be there..tapi still rasa cam xpuas hati sbb takde kat sebelah...terlampau demandkah? huhuhu~
  • Dont forget to perform your Zohor prayer kalau buat event time lunch..confirm x sempat punya kalau nak tunggu event habis..ambil2 gambar lagi..borak2 lagi..kalau malam..solat Maghrib ye..barulah berkat ;) ambil sembahyang siap2, make up then masuk waktu terus solat..
  • Enough lighting for make up..this will be extra request from MUA yang sometimes lupa nak inform what to do? i would suggest bukak tingkap and let natural lighting masuk bilik..or bukak lampu 'putih' bukan lampu chandelliar yang kuning tu tau..
  • I am not so sure about this part, but my skin quite sensitive soo i will avoid from taking facial treatment when wedding day just around the corner..i heard from few friends..muka tiba2 ada jerawat la..ruam2 la..your skin is different from others and if this happen, skin may not have enough time to recover before your wedding..just proceed if you are very sure on that..
  • Get enough sleep..this part sangat susah nak practice either b2be sangat banyak kerja malam akad..or tak boleh tidur sebab nervous..
  • Lastly, pagi hari kawen..basuh muka dengan air suam/sembahyang hajat and doa biar dinaikkan seri~

That's all for now.. ;)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bertandang at Putrajaya

teaser from en suami's side..
venue : Dewan Serbaguna Presint 8, Putrajaya

itu adalah pic dari pengantin yang sudah basi~
again credit to NikAizu for 'burst mode'

based on en suami and mr google : 'burst mode' is a digital camera feature where the unit captures a set number of photos in a short amount of time..
for example, a digi camera might capture 10 photos in 3 secs.

review later k..let me finish review for my side first :)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Wedding Gifts You Ever Wish

Its time for wedding gifts review..hehe from a materalistic-gila kuasa-tamak haloba girl..of course I will dream for a car..paling teruk pun mini cooper..lalala~takpun condo ke..or honeymoon package to Switzerland/New Zealand or sofa set..hahaha how i wish bukak2 hadiah dapat itu semua..

Intan oh intan..jangan jadi orang yang tak bersyukur~tuhan marah~ orang bagi hadiah tu terima jela..i still remember one of my officemate said.."i lagi happy tetamu datang..tunjuk muka pun least i know they come to celebrate my happiness" now i know how she felt..bila nampak kawan2 datang kenduri..datang jauh2 from KL..even Singapore..even VIPs turun padang..berpanas berhujan..bersesak2 semua...huaaa...sangat terharu~~that's the real gift that I wish for..its honourable guests ;)

Nevertheless, for those who cannot make it..but praying the best for us..bagi hadiah lepas wedding semua n say sorry for not coming...still rasa sangat la happy~

I will take note and remember u all..

But still..what did we get from both side? Grand prize goes to...
  1. Mug and tea set..boleh bukak kedai rasanya
  2. Periuk/kuali from different sizes & brands
  3. Barang2 letrik..few toasters, irons, microwaves, ovens, hot water dispenser, blender, vacuum cleaner..
  4. Pinggan mangkuk and cutlery sets
  5. Kain pelekat & batik
  6. Bedsheets including comforter
  7. Kain pasang
hadiah yang belum dibukak~

Balance adela yang kecik2 cam frames..Ikea, Parkson and Sogo vouchers'..etc...etc..thank you all!! i love the varieties.. duit2 orang bagi xmasuk lagi tu.. syukur Alhamdulillah rezeki dimurahkan..

There was one gift from my side..quite hard to open the wrapping sebab berlapis dengan surat khabar..letak dalam 'kotak pizza recycled' bagai....bukak punya bukak..i though it was a bomb..(hahaha ni hasil tengok banyak action movies) rupanya sebijik pinggan..bukan nak mengutuk ye kawan2.. but i think the plate quite cheap..but still i terharu..i guess the guest bukan orang senang but she still wanted to give us something..i will keep that plate makcik ( i think she was a makcik based on wrapping style)..

Again..thank you very very much all..

So what gifts do u wish now?

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Kindergarten Friend's Wed

Last Saturday, I went to one of my 20+ years friend (kitorang sama kelas kat tadika ok =) ) at Dewan Perdana Lembaga Getah Asli @ Subang..bride and groom in Grey Songket...

creative ideas..these 2 vases were recycled from solemnization dais..turned to makan beradap deco..b2be out there..u can take note on that~
fresh flowers - lavender, roses, harum sundal malam, daisy

fresh flowers hand bouquet..sangat unik..dahlia and.. hurmm tak tau purple tu bunga apa? anybody knows?

token of appreciation from DJU catering to pengantin..
sila lihat pic atas sekali where caterer put tooo~

simple reception dais~
if u want to save cost..instead of upah for backdrop makan beradap..
how about using reception dais as your backdrop?

simple cake and a very natural makeup~
lupa nak tanya who's her make up artist..

kereta raja sehari~

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Our Wedding Photobooks

Presenting our wedding photobooks..sangat sukeeeee~
thank you very much Aizu..for b2be out there..what are u waiting for?
jom ramai2 book Nik Aizu..clean-simple-vintage and very exclusive black-cover-leather~

i snap first page guna BB je..40 pages total per photobook..
tak sempat lagi nak snap every single page..

my side~

en suami's side~

Friday, March 11, 2011

Hantaran For Him Review

Its time for hantaran review..2 months kawen but still reviewing..sorry la ye pada sapa2 yang nak termuntah tu..but i love to review..

Our style..both sides agreed that bride to buy what her wants..groom to buy what he wants..time tu..en suami was still working in quite difficult for us to meet each other and buy what we want..there's few we managed to find them together..we decided hantaran to be 7-9.

Sorry ladies as i will not reveal the brand/price..biarlah rahsia antara kami sahaja k except for wedding ring.. :) kalau ternampak tu..senyap2 ajela ye..prices are affordable/reasonable that fit our budgets. interested to know more, email to

concept fresh flowers - red roses plus white bekas hantaran
bekas hantaran bought from Nilai 3..
satu Nilai i pusing for cheapest rate with same design.

1. Wedding ring (engraved) from Bausch K, Suria KLCC

2. Cupcake from Marang, Terengganu

3. Watch from Suria KLCC

4. Chocolate and biscuits plus bunny from Suria KLCC

5. Sirih Junjung done by Kakak Bridal

6. Al Quran, Kain Pelekat, Tasbih from Mekkah and Pameran Pengantin PWTC

7. Collared t-shirt (Mesra Mall) and speccy (En suami beli online)

8. Office attire (Baju from Suria KLCC, Seluar from OU)

9. Perfume and body wash from Suria KLCC

I really love my bekas hantaran..they are now safely at Tokma's house ( nenek en suami)..can i take them back? hehehe..buruk siku tak? =)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

For Rent Entry : Baju Sanding

Dear all, for those interested to rent my reception attire, feel free to contact me k.
My reception dress just a simple one without kain leret2..

Tiffany light blue long outfit, terbelah kat tengah when you walk.
Beadings in turqoise, silver done by Kak Eida..
see pics below and here for better view k
Material : Korean Chiffon laced with beads from Japan
I bought outfit ready made from Jelita Boutique @ Geylang, Singapore

beadings dekat kaki..u can see the beadings bila jalan..

beadings kat lengan~

beadings dekat dada~

full view~ ohh lupe cakap..kain kat belakang pun ada beadings jugak~

Veil in turqoise light blue
bentuk agak bulat
I bought the veil @ Times Sq

beadings kat kepala~

full view~


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