Friday, March 25, 2011

3 months

What? 3 months already..can i declare as wedding quarterversary? hahah very the broken english..

Hurm what did I do and learnt for past 3 months?
  • I become more muti tasking lady..prepare breakfast before work..prepare lunch n dinner during weekend if we just stay at the laundries..ironing..wash dishes..
  • More structured as I have to plan ahead what to eat tomorrow, when to do laundries..more or less..some sort like a to-do list inside my head..have to think about en suami..what he likes..what he dislikes..
  • Time improvement while prepare meal..used to be reduce to 1hour30min..but still takut2 nk goreng ikan lagi sbb meletup2 ;p~ sangat suka tengok en suami mkn food yg i masak..
  • Dah kurang tengok tv especially movies ke nona ke..melodi ke...huuu~tengok berita ajer k..

What we do together? there will pinch of jealousy here and there for b2be out hard feeling ladies..your time will come..for long distance wifeys..sabar n doa banyak2 k..i truly understand what you feel now as I experienced before too..
  • Sembahyang jemaah..not all the time but few times per week..berimamkan husband pulak tu~then salam tangan suami n he kisses my forehead..bahagienye~
  • Pergi jalan sama2..tak payah fikir balik lambat mak marah ke..nak pegang tangan boleh tak..halal maa..
  • Kemas rumah sama2..ladies..if your hubby wants to give a hand..let him him and comments if any improvement needed. jangan semua tak bagi..last2 die x buat n u terkontang kanting kepenatan sorang2...i am lucky to have en suami yang tak banyak songeh n once i tegur..he will take note..
  • Most importantly, when open my eyes every morning..i can see en suami by my side..huaaa please imagine the warmness hug from somebody that u love soo much.. sukenyee~
But but so good are:
  • People keep asking when will i get pregnant..huuu sob sob..maybe not our time yet..i heard from good friends..Allah will give you the gift when He thinks you are ready..there must be reason behind it right? He knows better..ala lagipun baru 3 bulan kot..chaiyok2 intan n syazwan..
  • Gaining weight...this one really bad..we even bought weight measurement thingy tapi cam saiko everytime timbang..naik la dlm 1-3 kg..siap ada officemate cakap my hips dah kembang cam anak satu...what?? betulke?? kenapa i rasa seluar x ketat pun..erm2..ilusi optikkah diorg? ok ok..ketat sikit..sikitttt je..
I'm hoping our love will always be in our heart..and we will always be like this even our 3 decades of anniversary..amin~



  1. Bila plk mak marah blk lewat, manade mak marahnye.
    Sbb kite manade kuar rumah lgsg weekend/holiday/blk skolah. Kalau blk lmbt pun nk marah cmne, blk dgn mak jgk :P.
    Ke sepeninggalan ngah na pegi berpoye2?

    Tahniah atas pcapaian anda.

  2. soo jeles...but..i'm hepi for u..yes, my time will come soon..=)..but still,bakal berjauhan gak pas kawen..huu

    hope that u'r love last forever..=)

  3. @ngah : engkiu
    @eida : tq ieda for the prayer..takpe babe..mesti ade hikmah tu duduk berjauhan..



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