Wednesday, March 9, 2011

For Rent Entry : Baju Sanding

Dear all, for those interested to rent my reception attire, feel free to contact me k.
My reception dress just a simple one without kain leret2..

Tiffany light blue long outfit, terbelah kat tengah when you walk.
Beadings in turqoise, silver done by Kak Eida..
see pics below and here for better view k
Material : Korean Chiffon laced with beads from Japan
I bought outfit ready made from Jelita Boutique @ Geylang, Singapore

beadings dekat kaki..u can see the beadings bila jalan..

beadings kat lengan~

beadings dekat dada~

full view~ ohh lupe cakap..kain kat belakang pun ada beadings jugak~

Veil in turqoise light blue
bentuk agak bulat
I bought the veil @ Times Sq

beadings kat kepala~

full view~

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  1. salam kak
    blh pm arge?



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