Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Jatuh Hati pada Flora Etc

Huaaaa~~ i really love En Razak from Flora Etc artworks..sorry En Razak as I was and still be your i wish En Razak can be my wedding deco..i know its too late already..even I did approached him for my solemnization and reception last 2 years but i admitted its quite far for him to travel..bring all his lovely flowers..kerusi cantik..deco..arch semua2 there will be extra the very kebabooom charges.

Latest, I blogwalking to his blog and found his extravaganza dais...again!!..the bride was my old friend back in uni but she was not a very close of mine..cuba tengok dais bawah ni~ venue : Dewan Perdana Felda

I am still dreaming that En Razak can be my event deco/planner one day..maybe Majlis Cukur Jambul my baby (hehe tak tau bila~) or even our wedding anniversary..hehe with discount perhaps.. =) berangan again~~

Its like an eye opening to me when me and en suami attended both En Razak niece and nephew wedding receptions @ home somewhere in Shah Alam..i never meet En Razak personally but from his friendly sister's family..i know he must be a very good guy too..Mak and En Razak sister's family are very close friends aka keluarga angkat since i was in secondary school in Terengganu. They even attended my reception..

Below are pics taken during his niece (2008) and nephew (2009) weddings from not a DSLR camera..sangat suka sampai tak banyak gambar pengantin diambil..wish all the best En Razak! =)

niece reception (2008)
bilik pengantin~

en suami with a vase of roses, sukanya table cloth and kerusi itu~

bling2 chairs~

car porch turned into a garden~

santapan deco~

nephew reception (2009)

choc cake~


green apple + cream dais~

i wonder how many apples used for deco~


ngap ngap sebijik epal~


  1. pokok tu mmg cantik. siap dgn candles bergantungan which makes it even more grand.
    oh ini ke yg buat utk abg R and kak F punya weddings, cool. xtau plk ada relation dgn kte.
    cukur jambul boleh la tahan, kalau anniversary pun ada majlis ke. kalau ke anni ke-77 mungkin reasonable masa cucu cicit dah tak tau berapa ramai that kena buat alumni & reunion :P

  2. a great
    hope ur dream come true..memg cantik. berkenan betol ngan first pic tu..hee

  3. @kak ngah : haha..tak salah kan berangan ;)
    @eida : tula sangat cantik kaler die~ tq eida for the pray ;)



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