Friday, March 18, 2011

Lesson Learnt : Make Up

This will be my first lesson learnt from my one and only will be a combination of solemnization, reception and even my bertandang reviews..i would like to share, hoping b2be out there to take note and avoid from repeat same mistakes/flaws and be more careful..based on positive and negative feedback and own observations..

Make up! very essential aspects for every b2be..semua bride nak cantik kan? like princess from fairy tale..huuu~~
  • Please do makeup testing..make up artist (MUA) definitely menabur janji2 manis cakap semua ok..even pics from album are totally different to compare with real time..dont assume and take it pay what? so ask her to familiar with your 'face' to cover your jerawat ke mole ke..
  • Why i mention MUA as 'her'? i would really suggest b2be to get a lady/makcik2 to make up..Mak even said she rejected mak nyah to make up me..not proper la be straight forward..its a sin to show your hair..duduk dekat2 with him (sometimes can be alone in the room)..a guy will always be a guy..still batal air sembahyang kan..nak ke air sembahyang kite prepare for majlis batal air sembahyang during akad dibatalkan not from your hubby?
  • Cakap biar myself..i informed MUA to make my eyes look bigger..and she did that..suke~ tapi my eyes bit sepet for bertandang..but still more thing..mintak quotation siap2 if you wish for more than one time make akad sekali..sanding make up lain..
  • Ask MUA schedule..taknak die make up u cincai2 sebab die nk rushing pergi mekap org lain case emergency..siapa nak jawap? mereka dan keluarga mereka~
  • Ask MUA to put some foundation to your hands..upper palm..useful especially time akad nikah..nak sarung cincin nampak jari n tangan cantik n berseri..
  • Kawen ibarat melengkapkn separuh lagi tuntutan Islam..please avoid/try your best from doing something yang mengurangkan pahala like pakai contact lense kaler2..baju ketat melampau..cukur bulu kening..something that change the beautiful you..i know its quite hard..but at least we can try kan?
  • If your wedding to be outdoor like mine..ask MUA to make up tebal sikit but still natural and berseri..outdoor would be little bit make up senang myself..kakak tu mekap nipis..frustrated pulak bila dah petang sikit..for solemnization..i really love the makeup coz its indoor and i was facing aircond almost all the time..but for reception..a bit cacat when i started sweating..bile dah frust..mula muka cam nenek tua..senyum pun dah kurenggs..outdoor kat pantai even worst..rasa cam nak mekap lagi skali ;(
  • Make sure MUA near to you in case emergency cam nk touch my side..MUA turun makan kejap but when we called, she will be there..tapi still rasa cam xpuas hati sbb takde kat sebelah...terlampau demandkah? huhuhu~
  • Dont forget to perform your Zohor prayer kalau buat event time lunch..confirm x sempat punya kalau nak tunggu event habis..ambil2 gambar lagi..borak2 lagi..kalau malam..solat Maghrib ye..barulah berkat ;) ambil sembahyang siap2, make up then masuk waktu terus solat..
  • Enough lighting for make up..this will be extra request from MUA yang sometimes lupa nak inform what to do? i would suggest bukak tingkap and let natural lighting masuk bilik..or bukak lampu 'putih' bukan lampu chandelliar yang kuning tu tau..
  • I am not so sure about this part, but my skin quite sensitive soo i will avoid from taking facial treatment when wedding day just around the corner..i heard from few friends..muka tiba2 ada jerawat la..ruam2 la..your skin is different from others and if this happen, skin may not have enough time to recover before your wedding..just proceed if you are very sure on that..
  • Get enough sleep..this part sangat susah nak practice either b2be sangat banyak kerja malam akad..or tak boleh tidur sebab nervous..
  • Lastly, pagi hari kawen..basuh muka dengan air suam/sembahyang hajat and doa biar dinaikkan seri~

That's all for now.. ;)


  1. byk info yg berguna...thanks dear..:)

  2. Your best entry so far. Tp if ngah jd MUA ngah takmau amik customer mcm na hehe

  3. @eida : tq for reading eida
    @ngah : perfectionist to worth what u pay.. :)erk..

  4. good info la dear.. thanx so much... mase tunang dulu xdek pun wat testing mekap.. main tadah je masa e-day tu.. alhamdulillah semuanya memuaskan ati.. yang psl amik lady as MUA tu, saye setuju.. encik tunang pun dah sound awl2 jgn amik yg bukan lady... dan juga pasal cukur kening tu.. pun dah kene sound awl2... xboleh.. :)

  5. woow...nice info dear..boleh sharing kan..hehe



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