Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lesson Learnt : Photographer

Its really worth it for en suami and I choosing NikAizu as our official photographer for both sides.

Bonus point as we are same the material..the expectation more or less quite similar..

I pulak suka gambar ala2 vintage..english style which i found from NikAizu..

How he took our pic..the angle..his friendliness..NikAizu prefer to capture candid moments..jarang la die bagi queue tengok kt camera..that's the rule of photog right? u have to find our best shot..not we giving you our best plastic pulak kn....pengantin dahla agak busy greeting the guests..salam2 bagai..

Lesson learnt i would share still based on my own experiences dealing and searching for best photographer.
  • Calculate and plan your much will you allocate for the photog..some people..prefer pictures rather than you may allocate more on photog..ukur baju di badan sendiri la ye kawan2..
  • Please do survey..browse through photog website/blog and analyze on how they capture the moments..below pics as source below if u wish to see more pics..u can decide by your own which one you prefer..or maybe you have any other preferences. compare the angle..clarity and brightness..i pun bukan tahu sangat tapi en suami teach me how to compare..

source from NikAizu

source Kudegraphy

see the differences?
  • Ask for quotation and compare the best rates..especially on hour coverage, how much pic to be edited, when will you get the pics..photobook material..ade free outdoor x..most importantly who will attend and snap your pic..junior photog..or senior..or even the founder the contract, terms and condition..
  • Once photog is confirmed, arrange for accomodation (in case your event outside photog cover area)..a safe accomodation tau..not necessarily to be a hotel least a meaning tempat yang selamat as photog will bring high tech punya camera yang besar gajah...
  • On top of that, if you have any idea cam outdoor place nak promote..let photog least he can imagine or plan..survey tempat tu ke..macam aritu..kitorg bagitau ada pantai dekat area rumah..(something i baru discover..rupanya en suami cakap kt aizu i pemalu nak ambil gambar wonder la takde pic camtu sangat..agak sedih sebenarnya..)
  • Keep in touch with least remind him your date...sms ke..karang die terlupa datang..menangisssss~but not too over remind k..karang rimas pulak..
  • During the day..better bagi corsage to was my bad for not giving him the corsage sbb tup tup kakak bridal punya husband tibe2 sama busy ambil gamba kitorg..which least he will be more appreciated n senang families semua nak pose..they knows.."owhh ni la official photog"
  • Make sure photog to take meal..breakfast and lunch..or even dinner (kalau akad malam) based on my previous experience back in uni..ada instructor penting nak elak bila gigil gambar mood photog pun lari sebab pk pasal food je...hehe..
  • Remember, thank you mr photographer..kesian diorg peluh2..buat free stunt to capture your lovely moments..


  1. intan, thanks for sharing..i pon tgh survey ape photo yg "must have" tok OP capture..hehe..yg penting gmbr sgt detail mcm Kudegraphy sgt BERMAKNA! =)

  2. @nizabeba : betul betul betul..yup i suke photog yg ambil gambar detail..bende tu nampak kecik..but u know they are very detail and sensitive to surroundings ;)

  3. sejak bila plk na romantik ni. euuu
    bagi photographer mkn utk jaga kebajikan photog ler, tkt gambar gegar sbb photog kebuloq plk

  4. info yang best. tp masih belum dpt op pilihan hati. op yg best dah x available tarikh tu. tsk

  5. @ngah : dengki!
    @lisalisut : tq dear ;)
    @lind : takpe babe..keep searching..mesti ade punya nanti..just hard work ;)

  6. heart kudegraphy. but then, takde fulus mau hire. love vintage! tapi suka juga yang ambil gambar sharp mcm contoh photolicious tu. ngengenge.. tamak kan?



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