Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ho Ho Holiday

Yeay..cant wait for tomorrow..going back to Terengganu after 3 months wed..
homesick gilerrrs..
i want my mom..i want mom's food..
i want to leave all this hectic KL and traffic jam that makes me feel 24hours/day is wasteless

bring back my wedding album and videos

my blog is temporarily close until next week..

gonna miss me? adeke? hahaha..

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Its all about veil

i love my solemnization veil

net, laces with minor beadings
half cut

but there are more veils design and materials in this whole world...
which one you choose?

short veil
a plain one

source here and here

long veil
tapi tak meleret2

source from here

meleret veil
hard to handle, extra cost for material and beadings
i dont recommend for muslimah bride, you may google for the reason

source from danial zain and google

veil material?

chiffon veil

source here

cotton veil i guess with cute flowers

source here

netting and laces

colorful veils with patches

design and material quite similar kan?

hurmm..kalo veil-less boleh jugak kan..simpler :)

Monday, April 25, 2011


i want to sleep..
rasa nak marah semua orang..
i want to eat..
i wanna go shopping (wujud ke ayat ni?)...

source google

what's happening to me? like any other ladies.. u know what i mean..

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Tiny Miny Things About Wedding Part 1

Halooo ladies~

Another tips from me..again..i am sharing what i did and what i learnt from my own wedding..sorry if anybody feels like..bajet bagus to share and give tips..but frankly speaking..there's few things that i also forgot dan tak pernah terfikir masa kahwin..perasan bila majlis dah selesai semua..

my sharing is free..hope to assist b2be jangan lupa..

ni baru part 1 tau..entry rojak..maybe later akan ditambah2 lagi kalau teringat :)
its up to u to take it or leave it..
  1. standby brooches, safety pin, jarum peniti, sewing kit - yes, MUA supposed to prepare all..tapi apa salahnya kalau kite standy jugak..
source google

safety pin with natural colour tau..bukan warna warni cam pic kt atas ni~

2. after your spa and scrub bagai, i would suggest ladies to standby shower foam - body and
hair syampoo yang extra wangi..i prefer vanilla body shop.. :)
reason : you will easily be sweating lagi2 event least tahan la wangi tu sikit..

3. please use your perfume especially at your neck and wrist..
reason : nak salam2 after akad n merenjis.."wangi menantu mak :)" but not tooo
much..karang pening pulak..

4. please iron your scarf (tudung) especially your awning and hang..karang
terpeleot..terkelepit cam karipap..haishh buruk benoo~

5. wear corset..reason : structure and shape your body..'invisiblekan' apa2 yang patut)
or wear inner/camisole even if your wedding outfit is not white or cream...
reason: your inner/camisole will absorb your sweat..takdela baju melekat kat badan dan
nampak peluh membasahi bumi...

I share 5 tips first k..

Friday, April 22, 2011

Heart Shape Macarons Anybody?

A short and quick entry..

source Merisik Gallery

am not addicted to macarons - too sweet..hahahaa..
but with heart shape...hurmm..i wanna bite themmm..

searching for hantaran? ape lagi..jom terjah here and here!!

Fruits as Hantaran

For the past two days, i feel like to eat fruits..nothing to do with pregnancy crave..just to have a healthy food and vitamin/mineral inside my body yang dah lama x jogging sebab pemalas :p

Bajet2 akan sihat la sangat setakat makan pisang as additional dessert...haha tapi tetap melantak nasi lemak di pagi hari..

So what to share this morning? about fruits as hantaran?

Fruits can be a choice of hantaran...normally bride to choose red apples, strawberries, grapes - the famous one..takde kot orang bagi hantaran durian..

simple deco with affordable price from here

if you DIY either with fresh or artificial flowers, put them in a basket or boxes, most important part is the fruits - to look yummy and shining. Here's my tips for today. Maybe korang pun dah tau..
  1. Choose fresh fruits..belek2 keliling buah sebelum beli takut ada lebam ke least buy fruits max 2 days before event..i would suggest an outstanding colour like red and green with different sizes.
  2. Keep in freezer
  3. Before u DIY, take out the fruits from freezer...dalam 2 jam sebelum sebab buah akan mengalami proses kondensasi..nak buang air2 kat buah naturally.
  4. Wash the fruits dan toskan..wipe whole fruits gently with clean napkin. Make sure fruits free from water.
  5. Start polishing fruits using clean napkin and cooking oil sesedap rasa..not too much karang berminyak pulak buah tu..
  6. Done! Start DIY.. (basuh buah tu balik tau kalau nak makan nanti)
You may also refer here, same technique as mine..

Hope my tips help.. :)

source google

anyone dare to pick vege as your hantaran? hahahaa~

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wedding Guests Seating Arrangement

For today, i would like to share my guests seating arrangement during reception.
Since it was an open area with canopies, Mak and I came out with this plan.

We will start from the arch...

if you walk from the arch,
on your left side will be 2 canopies for en suami's families and 1 canopy for makan beradab
total of 3 canopies

on your right side will be 3 canopies for nomal guests

for families, seating arrangement..
1 canopy consisted of 4 round tables (10 covered chairs each table)
total : 80 VVIPs (2 canopies equals to 8 tables)

for normal guests, buffet arrangement..
1 canopy consisted of 2 long tables
each long table consisted of 30 covered chairs
total : 180 guests (3 canopies equals to 6 tables)

we also had 3 other canopies next to the house for other guests. still buffet arrangement to accommodate another 180 guests.

Grand Total : 10 canopies = 80 VVIPs, 360 normal guests at one time

to visualize apa yang saya tengah merepek ni...jom layan layout kt bawah ni..

white box : my house
purple boxes : normal guests - buffet/long table
tiffany boxes : en suami's families - seating/round table
yellow box : makan beradab area
red box : reception dais (my dais facing my house)

i tanye families and friends after wedding..
"ade tak tetamu yang datang tak dapat duduk n kena tunggu turn nak makan?"
diorg cakap" far semua orang datang terus duduk even during peak hour.."

alhamdulillah plan kami berjaya senangkan tetamu..

TIPS: You may consider long table rather than round one to allow more guests to sit under one canopy

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bride Tips to Smile

Kacak luar
Kacak dalam
Kacak dengar sini
Kalau saya senyum
Awak mesti senyum sekali
Kalau kita senyum
Semua orang berjangkit
Bila semua orang senyum
Dunia tiada penyakit

few lyrics from Senyum by Malique and Najwa

People always say to me "senyumla sikit..masamnye buat kerja" hahaha..what to do?takkanla tengah stress senyum kot..nak buat macam mana..muka akak memang macam ni although dalam hati ade taman..

Here's some tips from me for b2be to try:
  1. Most common one, say 'cheese' - obviously show your teeth with a smile
  2. While smiling, make sure your upper part tongue touch your palate(lelangit)..bukan hujung lidah but whole tongue melekat kat lelangit..cube buat sekarang..boleh x? i did that during my wedding and yes..tak rasa penat sangat even kene maintain senyum lama2..
  3. Try not to be sooooo happy and enjoy..make jokes with people around but not too over..people are watching you my dear..
  4. Please always remember your big day is only once in your lifetime, so you have to maintain beautiful..then smile~~
  5. Practice to smile from now..yes now..dari start bace entry ni tau..i used to smile while driving (hahhaa sampai orang luar kereta senyum sekali kadang2) n see myself in front of mirror
But first thing, visit your the scaling or whitening..then your smile will be even lively and stunning..

senyum tak perlu kata apa apa~

Monday, April 18, 2011

Wedding DVDs

En Lukman and his wife came to see me this afternoon and passed me these! Wedding DVDs that I'm waiting for..

Dah tengok full video at En Lukman's office at Mutiara Damansara, next to Segi College last month but still can't wait to watch them all over again...lambat dapat? yes bit lambat coz En Lukman was very occupied..thats why this couple went to meet me personally at my office to apologize...


DVD inside~

2 copies

Total : 3 DVDs of full events
including our save the date (refer this entry), wedding highlight, intro, solemnization, reception, preparation plus senarai tetamu yang datang...paling comel ada tazkirah about being husband and wife during video transition and music background yang best

good job En Lukman and Kak Umie~

copppp...sudi nak tengok wedding highlight saya?

visit here..

wedding saya simple ajer..ada wedding lain yang lagi gempak..

(kalau dah ada time nanti i suruh en suami upload HD video then i share with you all)

My Wedding Paper Bags

Since lots of silent readers email me asking about my paper bag, okla i share bit details where i bought my bags k.. by the way thank you for spending your time reading my blog yang tidak seberapa ini..

click here for previous entry
I give you their full address:

LOT 4-29/7-12,

First timer, make sure keluar awal dari rumah sebab ada probabily u akan sesat and stuck in traffic jam yg super horror di situ kalau u terlepas simpang..Plaza GM is a tall white building with parking lift. When you reach there, take their parking lifts. sangat gempak hokeyy..even Pavillion pun takde tuu..

If i am not mistaken there are 4 floors in total, take the escalator sebab lift die sangat hampehh..tawaf bangunan..until u see one shop full of bags (Level 4 kalau x silap)..selling only paper bags (waktu i datang haritula) ignore all other shops yang ada jual toys la..souvenirs la..this shop is totally paper and plastic bags..the owner is a friendly Chinese uncle with his 2 malay/indon assistants.

deco for VVIP bags

The price..very cheap compare to normal shops..90 sen for bigger size (i compare with Semua House Jalan TAR = rm1.70) , 60 sen for smaller one..ask and nego with uncle k..other designs, colours and sizes are also available there..price subject to the size and design u choose..

After you pay in CASH only, the assistant will help you to bring the bags to your patient as lift to the parking lot super sloowwww..kawasan bangunan tu pun agak kelam kabut.

Pejam mate je la ye..its cheaper anyway :)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

My Wedding Hand Bouquets

Personally, i prefer handbouquet color to be more outstanding or so called contradict with the outfit.

That's why i chose :

a) red fresh roses with white ribbons for cream grey solemnization

bouquet on my laps

b) pink and cream fresh roses with tiffany ribbon to match my reception and cake cutting event.

plain water + panadol/salt helps bouquet to stay fresh

Friday, April 15, 2011

Wedding Scrapbook

I want to do my own wedding scrapbook..

Teringat zaman sekolah buat folio kaler2..siap guna fumakilla punye gelung2 nak buat efek terbakar2 kat tepi border kertas..beli gunting zig zag2..macam2 la..

Not enough time and my creativity is depleting due to aging factor - padahal x creative pun :).

I found this website for b2be or exb2be or anybody interested to get your pictures scrapped! No idea on the pricing and the services but something interesting to explore :)

The team did scrap book for Nana (ERA Radio DJ). Its here for slideshow.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tiffany Polka Dot Heels

Window shopping at Isetan KLCC and found this..2 inch myr 115 tiffany polka dot heels!!
back to the past please..i wanna wear them for my reception..

pink and white were also not bad~

i didn't buy :(
takut en suami marah sebab menghabiskan duit sesuke suki~~muu~~

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pwincess and Pwince

Once upon a time, in far far away land..

There were a little pwince and cute pwincess went to the same kindergarten. They knew each other but never talk even a single word.When pwince and pwincess turned to 7, they went to the same primary school and still, no single word coming from their mouths. Pwince busy with boy scouts programmes while pwincess was enjoying her own fantasy world. Once in Standard 6, they studied in the same class. Pwince was so naughty and disturbed other pwincesses but not this cute pwincess because he saw the pwincess was too shy to mingle around.

Pwince followed his family and travelled outside far far away land when he reached 13 years old. Pwincess went to a secondary school and stayed there until she turned 17. Both of them stay separated as pwince no longer studied at pwincess's secondary school.

Later after 6 years, both of them been offered to pursue their studies at the same university. When a handsome pwince met the gorgeous pwincess...then the love story began..too much sweet candy and sour happened in their relationship but with trust..their love were always there..deep in their hearts. They are working together in the same company (after graduation) until today..

After 8 years of relationship, they then get married and live happily ever after :)

That's our story..a real story :)

P/s: DJ announced our love story before merenjis session started..refer here.

Monday, April 11, 2011


Eating chiffon cake..

source : google

or getting free chiffon dress is better?

source : Rizman Ruzaini

unik tak? chiffon kaftan with long skirt

source : mini kurung

or two layers and flowy chiffon mini kurung?
add minor beadings then ready for engagement or simple solemnization..buat baju raye pun ayu jerr..

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Bertandang Dais

I love the simplicity and the friendliness of Becoming Mrs Bridal team - siap bagi nasihat untuk pengantin lepas kahwin lagi..price also negotiable.

Theme colour - red+pink..matching with hall curtains, chairs and table cloths..

Fresh flowers for 3 plus 2 panels, 6 walkways and meja beradab. Jom layan official pics from NikAizu sama2.. :)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

My Reception Event Flow

After solemnization event flow, its now my reception flow. Again, i would like to stress out that my flow may differs from you..these are just guidelines and my sharing from what we did last summer...haha bukan last summer la kak..last Christmas kotss..(sorry kepada sesiapa yang nk termuntah baca blog saye)

As solemnization ended around 1130+am on the 25th, frankly speaking..its quite rushing for my side to get ready for reception at 130pm..

1130 am:

Finished taking pictures dalam bilik, i passed reception outfit to en suami including keris, tengkolok..butang baju semua..en suami's families get ready at homestay not too far from my house. FYI, en suami never had chance for fitting sebab busy yang amat..pasrah je but it turned great~

TIPS : Please put everything (if u rent the acccessories) inside one paper bag or whatever bag together with the checklist..make sure items will be returned exactly as what you rent...tau tau je la kan..tengah kelam kabut semua terlupa..

tengah bersiap~

12.15 noon:

Ready for second make up session..ambil air sembahyang for Zohor prayer siap2..

TIPS : Be prepared with smile for non stop guests yang nak jumpa bride..taking pictures..salam2..

my bridesmaid aka best friend -

holding umbrella and small handbag with tissues n handphone as proof she was playing her part well..tq Sarah~

TIPS : Make sure valuable things keep outside of your room..takut ade yang gatal2 tangan 'terpinjam'. Another thing, ask bridesmaid to hold your handphone in case groom side call.

115+ pm:

Solat Zohor, get ready with reception outfit..pakai veil semua..

150 pm:

Suddently my youngest sister said, kecemasan kecemasan...takde bekas merenjis!!! rushing calling kakak bridal..nasib baik ada tapi terlupa letak..

TIPS : Make sure you appoint runners for such emergency cases like this, keep kakak bridal hp no so easy to call and please please ensure kakak bridal not far away from you.

Ok misscomm telah berlaku where pengapit en suami ingat die jadi pengapit untuk akad je..die dah tukar baju lain..and MIL kene mintak die tukar balik...

Lesson learnt : make sure everyone knows their roles and remind them again and again especially for first time pengapit on what he/she supposes to do.

200 pm:

Rombongan en suami kompang..DJ announced the arrival..

TIPS : Please walk as calm and as slow as possible plus space for guests/photographer/videographer to take the moments..

Walking to's the arrangement from front line

1- Flower girls baling bunga

2- Flowers girls holding hands

3- En suami and I

4. Pengapit holding umbrellas

5. Bunga manggar girls

6. Family en suami

7. Kompang boys

Then, en suami's families walked to VVIP canopies and proceed with seating lunch. My families prefer the VVIP to have their lunch without waiting for pengantin as we believe..its not good for letting guests to wait for u..nak nak kalo merenjis or event agenda quite long.

Doorgifts for VVIP dah letak siap2 dekat meja VVIP..

210 pm:

Bacaan doa and ucapan from Pak (my dad)

TIPS : For informal event like me..i prefer short and concise speech and doa (people wont listen what you said anyway - TQ speech should be enough)

tq speech and doa~

I love how announcers aka DJ started the event. Before merenjis, they read short intro about en suami and I (i made the summary entry insyaAllah i share)

220 pm:

Merenjis time

Mak n Pak walking together~

TIPS : Set couples to merenjis at least a week before the event..for my side - 4 couples from en suami..3 from my side..get their names and inform them to go with their partner if atuk datang dengan nenek..mak datang dengan ayah..takdela time tu baru nak tercari2 and inappropriate if DJ to announce calling for their names banyak2 kali..time is essence!! As we are appreciating groom side..let his side to merenjis first :)

Pengapit gave bunga telur as merenjis's token of appreciation.

DJ announced for guests coming outside from Terengganu to merenjis and taking pictures..

235 pm:

Makan beradab while listening to catchy opening song "Kalau Berpacaran" hahaha..i love the song :)

TIPS : I learnt this from bertandang side. For bride side event, better bride's father and mother not to join makan beradab as they will be very busy attending guests...tak sempat makan pun..

240 pm:

DJ announced bride and groom to meet and greet guests and VVIP..suddently I had to deliver speech pulak..simple one je.."TQ all for coming and sorry kalau ada terkurang terlebih..and please pray for our beginning of forever"

300 pm:

Changed to evening gown and tux for cake cutting session.

310 pm:

Family photo session

330 pm:

Went to the beach for outdoor photoshoot

Penatnyeeee~~ can u feel it?


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