Friday, April 8, 2011

Heart the Cinematography

I found this link from one of the b2be blog..sorry sangat sebab lupa dah link..but thank you very much dear for sharing..still..i would like to share with my followers..silent readers and friends and families..

Produced by of Dato Seri Mustapa Mohamed's daughter..i really love the solemnization part..without love story me the videographers (must be more than one principal videographers i guess) find the angle..blurr and clear part..peeping shots between flowers and in details..the flowers..hantaran..pastel colours and outfit material..nampak tak gadis2 pemegang hantaran berbaju kaler ape? its tiffany~~

Best part was..personally i can feel how her families love the bride sooo much..what a happy family~

Cant wait to share my wedding video pulak..takdela se grand majlis anak menteri ni..but we are also happy family~

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