Saturday, April 9, 2011

My Reception Event Flow

After solemnization event flow, its now my reception flow. Again, i would like to stress out that my flow may differs from you..these are just guidelines and my sharing from what we did last summer...haha bukan last summer la kak..last Christmas kotss..(sorry kepada sesiapa yang nk termuntah baca blog saye)

As solemnization ended around 1130+am on the 25th, frankly speaking..its quite rushing for my side to get ready for reception at 130pm..

1130 am:

Finished taking pictures dalam bilik, i passed reception outfit to en suami including keris, tengkolok..butang baju semua..en suami's families get ready at homestay not too far from my house. FYI, en suami never had chance for fitting sebab busy yang amat..pasrah je but it turned great~

TIPS : Please put everything (if u rent the acccessories) inside one paper bag or whatever bag together with the checklist..make sure items will be returned exactly as what you rent...tau tau je la kan..tengah kelam kabut semua terlupa..

tengah bersiap~

12.15 noon:

Ready for second make up session..ambil air sembahyang for Zohor prayer siap2..

TIPS : Be prepared with smile for non stop guests yang nak jumpa bride..taking pictures..salam2..

my bridesmaid aka best friend -

holding umbrella and small handbag with tissues n handphone as proof she was playing her part well..tq Sarah~

TIPS : Make sure valuable things keep outside of your room..takut ade yang gatal2 tangan 'terpinjam'. Another thing, ask bridesmaid to hold your handphone in case groom side call.

115+ pm:

Solat Zohor, get ready with reception outfit..pakai veil semua..

150 pm:

Suddently my youngest sister said, kecemasan kecemasan...takde bekas merenjis!!! rushing calling kakak bridal..nasib baik ada tapi terlupa letak..

TIPS : Make sure you appoint runners for such emergency cases like this, keep kakak bridal hp no so easy to call and please please ensure kakak bridal not far away from you.

Ok misscomm telah berlaku where pengapit en suami ingat die jadi pengapit untuk akad je..die dah tukar baju lain..and MIL kene mintak die tukar balik...

Lesson learnt : make sure everyone knows their roles and remind them again and again especially for first time pengapit on what he/she supposes to do.

200 pm:

Rombongan en suami kompang..DJ announced the arrival..

TIPS : Please walk as calm and as slow as possible plus space for guests/photographer/videographer to take the moments..

Walking to's the arrangement from front line

1- Flower girls baling bunga

2- Flowers girls holding hands

3- En suami and I

4. Pengapit holding umbrellas

5. Bunga manggar girls

6. Family en suami

7. Kompang boys

Then, en suami's families walked to VVIP canopies and proceed with seating lunch. My families prefer the VVIP to have their lunch without waiting for pengantin as we believe..its not good for letting guests to wait for u..nak nak kalo merenjis or event agenda quite long.

Doorgifts for VVIP dah letak siap2 dekat meja VVIP..

210 pm:

Bacaan doa and ucapan from Pak (my dad)

TIPS : For informal event like me..i prefer short and concise speech and doa (people wont listen what you said anyway - TQ speech should be enough)

tq speech and doa~

I love how announcers aka DJ started the event. Before merenjis, they read short intro about en suami and I (i made the summary entry insyaAllah i share)

220 pm:

Merenjis time

Mak n Pak walking together~

TIPS : Set couples to merenjis at least a week before the event..for my side - 4 couples from en suami..3 from my side..get their names and inform them to go with their partner if atuk datang dengan nenek..mak datang dengan ayah..takdela time tu baru nak tercari2 and inappropriate if DJ to announce calling for their names banyak2 kali..time is essence!! As we are appreciating groom side..let his side to merenjis first :)

Pengapit gave bunga telur as merenjis's token of appreciation.

DJ announced for guests coming outside from Terengganu to merenjis and taking pictures..

235 pm:

Makan beradab while listening to catchy opening song "Kalau Berpacaran" hahaha..i love the song :)

TIPS : I learnt this from bertandang side. For bride side event, better bride's father and mother not to join makan beradab as they will be very busy attending guests...tak sempat makan pun..

240 pm:

DJ announced bride and groom to meet and greet guests and VVIP..suddently I had to deliver speech pulak..simple one je.."TQ all for coming and sorry kalau ada terkurang terlebih..and please pray for our beginning of forever"

300 pm:

Changed to evening gown and tux for cake cutting session.

310 pm:

Family photo session

330 pm:

Went to the beach for outdoor photoshoot

Penatnyeeee~~ can u feel it?


  1. intan!!! thanks for sharing.sbb my event pn lebih kurg mcm u agaknya home. hope sgt dj tu pandai la berkata2.haha.yela takde bajet nk hire emcee terer2..

    i tgu ur next post i pn terfikir2 mak i nnt kene duduk meja beradap ke,better tak la kan sbb better dia g layan tetamu.means meja beradap just famly side laki i jela kan.hmmm.very useful.appreciate it.thanks :)

  2. wah cepatnye bace entry! hehe yup lisa..i pun amik emcee biasa2 je..just u kene bgtau betul2 ape die patut buat..krg dgn emcee skali blurr..agak susah tu..survey kt kenduri kawen kwn2...cari emcee yg interact dgn tetamu..baru rasa lively..

    a'a belah i tersilap sbb mak ayah mkn skali..pastu tibe2 hilang layan meja beradap nmpk kosong tak penuh..i suggest better mak ayah u xmkn sekali..diorg pun kenyang jumpe kawan2 :)

  3. thanks sharing info ni...sgt berguna untuk b2b macam saya ni...huh...takut betul masa majlis nanti ada masalah2 yg ter terduga macam ni...

    nway, doily paper bewarna tu saya buat sendiri...nanti tgok entry baru sy ye...:-)

  4. never knew that groom's pengapit for akad existed. what for, kipas jgk ke

  5. wahh..congratzz,...n chantekkkk sgt..:)

  6. thanks for sharing this...
    i takut sgt event i nnt tak terbuat sbb pagi nak nikah then petang nak sanding....
    but u had proven that it is do-able ;)

    tq my dear ~

  7. boleh sms i tak? nk tanya smtg on the persalinan wedding :) - 013 5826004



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