Monday, April 4, 2011

My Solemnization Event Flow

My flow may differs from yours but this happened at my side. FYI, my solemnization was on the 25th avoid terkejar2 as our reception will be later that afternoon..what Mak and I planned were 80% achievable..

945 am :
Tok kadi arrived..
(Pak make sure tok kadi not to arrive much earlier..takut die tertunggu2 and 'mood lari')

10 am :
The arrival of groom's family
(in the first place..we set time to be 930 am..but then u have to consider when families convoy..stop pergi toilet..mekap2..traffic lights..time changes)

seven ladies with seven hantaran~

1005 am :
When en suami side arrived, mak friends took the hantaran and placed them next to my hantaran to him.

servis bertukar tangan~

1010 am :
I went out from the room and sat on solemnization dais.
Khutbah nikah..mukadimmah..ours was approximately 30-40minutes
Make sure mas kahwin and duit hantaran ready next to tok kadi..for my side..tok kadi wanted to see all these before starting the ceremony.

tok kadi yg comel~

1038 am :
En suami and I sah suami isteri!
Bacaan doa and taklik

1045 am :
En suami went for solat sunat


1050 am :
Majlis batal air sembahyang..pass mas kahwin..sarung cincin..gelang

1100 am :
En suami and I stayed at solemnization dais..our family members starting from en suami's side datang bersalaman..then followed by my side..
Reason we stayed..families wanted to take picture with the dais..i totally agreed with this plan..tak payah pengantin yang datang salam families..
(get ready with tissues..there is high possibilities menangis time salam2 camni)

1115 am :
Families went to buffet station..concurrently families and friends took pictures

Most important part, please inform family belah en suami the event flow. This to avoid miscommunication..


  1. mrs intan.tq for the tips.nk bgtau bkl laki supaya smbhyg dlu dlm bilik b4 sarung cincin.hikhik. i rs betul la tu kan pengantin duduk je.bviar org dtg salam.kata raja sehari.kihkihkih ;p

  2. i wasn't expecting the tok kadi to be that young. mmg comel [+smart] huhu. dunia dunia...

  3. @Lisa : yup..nanti pengantin xdela penat kene jalan2..
    @CikPuanHady : TQ
    @Anaztasias : Tq dear ;)



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