Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pwincess and Pwince

Once upon a time, in far far away land..

There were a little pwince and cute pwincess went to the same kindergarten. They knew each other but never talk even a single word.When pwince and pwincess turned to 7, they went to the same primary school and still, no single word coming from their mouths. Pwince busy with boy scouts programmes while pwincess was enjoying her own fantasy world. Once in Standard 6, they studied in the same class. Pwince was so naughty and disturbed other pwincesses but not this cute pwincess because he saw the pwincess was too shy to mingle around.

Pwince followed his family and travelled outside far far away land when he reached 13 years old. Pwincess went to a secondary school and stayed there until she turned 17. Both of them stay separated as pwince no longer studied at pwincess's secondary school.

Later after 6 years, both of them been offered to pursue their studies at the same university. When a handsome pwince met the gorgeous pwincess...then the love story began..too much sweet candy and sour happened in their relationship but with trust..their love were always there..deep in their hearts. They are working together in the same company (after graduation) until today..

After 8 years of relationship, they then get married and live happily ever after :)

That's our story..a real story :)

P/s: DJ announced our love story before merenjis session started..refer here.


  1. so sweet intan n wawan..smoge kekal ke syurga!

  2. ah! mcm cerita dongeng! tapi x dongeng lg sbb dh wujud in reality! mcm angan2 i je masa novel sweet

  3. tq semua..doakan jodoh kami berpanjangan sampai ke syurga :)

  4. datang cni jugak



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