Sunday, April 24, 2011

Tiny Miny Things About Wedding Part 1

Halooo ladies~

Another tips from me..again..i am sharing what i did and what i learnt from my own wedding..sorry if anybody feels like..bajet bagus to share and give tips..but frankly speaking..there's few things that i also forgot dan tak pernah terfikir masa kahwin..perasan bila majlis dah selesai semua..

my sharing is free..hope to assist b2be jangan lupa..

ni baru part 1 tau..entry rojak..maybe later akan ditambah2 lagi kalau teringat :)
its up to u to take it or leave it..
  1. standby brooches, safety pin, jarum peniti, sewing kit - yes, MUA supposed to prepare all..tapi apa salahnya kalau kite standy jugak..
source google

safety pin with natural colour tau..bukan warna warni cam pic kt atas ni~

2. after your spa and scrub bagai, i would suggest ladies to standby shower foam - body and
hair syampoo yang extra wangi..i prefer vanilla body shop.. :)
reason : you will easily be sweating lagi2 event least tahan la wangi tu sikit..

3. please use your perfume especially at your neck and wrist..
reason : nak salam2 after akad n merenjis.."wangi menantu mak :)" but not tooo
much..karang pening pulak..

4. please iron your scarf (tudung) especially your awning and hang..karang
terpeleot..terkelepit cam karipap..haishh buruk benoo~

5. wear corset..reason : structure and shape your body..'invisiblekan' apa2 yang patut)
or wear inner/camisole even if your wedding outfit is not white or cream...
reason: your inner/camisole will absorb your sweat..takdela baju melekat kat badan dan
nampak peluh membasahi bumi...

I share 5 tips first k..


  1. tq.sharing is caaring.bukan sbb bajet bagus tau.hehe

  2. owh..baik!!ala..share la..xla kitorg terkontang kanting t..:)

  3. bez2.. nanti share lg yek.. :)

  4. thanks for sharing...
    i save it in my diary..hee
    kalau u xbgtau, I xtau n..xsempat nk fikir..;)



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