Sunday, April 3, 2011

Wedding Card and Favour Inspiration

We went to Pesona Kad Kahwin at Level 3, Pertama Complex..

That level is not like Maju Junction or Semua House where you can easily find wedding card,favours or bunga telur because first two floors focusing on hi tech gadgets especially easy girls...take the escalators n please tawaf satu level 3 until u find one shop with tables outside -where they display all wedding cards..thats their shop!

I really love the design..semua2 la starting from simple wedding card until yang paling mahal..i cannot take too much photos..takut kene marah..but i totally recommend b2be to go there first n check it out..price lagi murah dari indon ye..i repeat lagi murah dari me as i went to indon and ordered our cards there before..dahla kad die cantik2..senang nak datang pick up..nak datang kedai tu hari2 pun boleh..

u can also go here for the link..but the promoter said its not an updated website..i suggest go and feel their cards by yourself..i bet there will be extra discount to be given as well..

i love the tranparent ribbon - rm1.40 for min 1000pcs

a gold background tree - 80sen for min 1000pcs

a baby pink with tree again - 80sen for min 1000pcs

99 nama Allah - rm2 each

*price subject to negotiation

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