Monday, April 18, 2011

Wedding DVDs

En Lukman and his wife came to see me this afternoon and passed me these! Wedding DVDs that I'm waiting for..

Dah tengok full video at En Lukman's office at Mutiara Damansara, next to Segi College last month but still can't wait to watch them all over again...lambat dapat? yes bit lambat coz En Lukman was very occupied..thats why this couple went to meet me personally at my office to apologize...


DVD inside~

2 copies

Total : 3 DVDs of full events
including our save the date (refer this entry), wedding highlight, intro, solemnization, reception, preparation plus senarai tetamu yang datang...paling comel ada tazkirah about being husband and wife during video transition and music background yang best

good job En Lukman and Kak Umie~

copppp...sudi nak tengok wedding highlight saya?

visit here..

wedding saya simple ajer..ada wedding lain yang lagi gempak..

(kalau dah ada time nanti i suruh en suami upload HD video then i share with you all)


  1. seronoknya! =D

  2. simple2 pun ada jugak kan.kire okayla tu.i takde video pn.huahuahua.. its for our eyes to see til forever xpe kalau ade yg lg gempak pun..ngahaha..

  3. i pun booked dgn en. lukman jgak. hopefully it'll turn out as good as yours.. =)

  4. sgt comel lah your video. lari2. comel2. :)

  5. @tqahmmisdar : tq dear
    @lisa: takpe babe...ade gamabr pun dh cukup sbnrnye..
    @fira: owhh good luck fira..
    @scribler : tq dear :)



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