Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wedding - Lady Diana and Kate Middleton

Before my last entry of Official Wedding piccas, let us go through the royal weddings. People can't avoid from comparing their weddings.. click here for my earlier entry

1981 - Lady Diana and Prince Charles
2011 - Kate Middleton and Prince William

Overall personal opinion : Wedding Lady D lagi grand but I love Kate's simplicity..what say you?

Monday, May 30, 2011

He Turned 26!

(I wrote this entry dated 28 May 2011)

Happy birthday en suami Wan Mohd Syazwan..

Lots of love and muahss to you! million thanks for accepting me as your wife..i will always pray for your good and your career and happiness dunia dan akhirat..

We were born in the same year - i was born 4 months earlier than him and that's the reason why he always says that he will be younger than me..haha we are now equal en suami..tak boleh berlagak2 lagi..

Nothing to give..sebab en suami mintak LED TV bapak besauu and motor besar gajah which obviously unaffordable for me to buy..but i give you my i'm heartless.. ngehehe...kidding!

I planned something suprise..not a big one..just bought a Famous Amos red truck and tempek small birthday card..

This how the story began..

En suami was telling me to sleep earlier sebab penat kerja- 27 May before 12midnight..(dalam hati i mesti die dah lupe ni) ok fine...i went to second room aka our prayer room and put the truck on top of sejadah..thinking he would see while about to perform Subuh prayer tomorrow morning..then i accompanied him to sleep..time was 1150pm..i duk borak2 taknak kasi die tidur..but he asked "kenapa tak tidur2 lagi ni?"

I keep on checking the time and when it turned 12midnight...happy birthday en suami~

Next morning, en suami woke up for Subuh prayer and found the truck..but before that actually he didn't notice and said to me "ingatkan letak sepah2 hadiah orang lain..nasib baik perasan ada kad"...haish en suami en suami..berfikiran isteri buat sepah...huhuhu..takpela..birthday boy punya pasal..maybe he was sleepy pagi2 buta..

I also prepared his favourite dish.. nasi putih, singgang ikan, telur masin..

hantaran idea anyone?~

Simple je kan?

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Aktiviti Suka Suki Lagi

Dulu dah buat entry ni..tak caya..cuba click sini..

Actually i am in midst of drafting one entry about en suami's suprisela sangat birthday wish..but wish to reply tag from liyana first..

Earlier tag more or less about the same but i'll try to reply differently today..

5 Tarikh penting

17 Sept 2007 : first time i report duty to boss (my first job)
8 Aug 2009 : my engagement day
13 Dec dot dot : i'm a big girl (haha my first red flag!)
18 Jan 2003 : first day register at my uni
18 Jan 1985 : my ex-roomate's birthday

there are more important dates in my life..

5 Perkara dibuat semalam
  • Wish en suami for his birthday
  • Attended en suami's good friend solemnization at Semenyih
  • Went to Nilai after the event
  • Watched Cerekarama
  • Lipat kain

5 Perkara yang menggembirakan
  • Rumah bersih dan kemas
  • After bath..wangii~~
  • Watching Nora Elena @ TV3
  • Basuh kereta
  • Dapat hadiah
5 sebab jawap
  • Tag by liyana
  • tak tauu dh nak tulis apeeee...

Siapa2 rasa nak join jawap tag ni..marilahh..ohh dont forget to let me know..then i can crawling to your blog~

Friday, May 27, 2011

Official Wedding Pics Part 7

Hi all~

This is a second part of my bertandang..same venue at Putrajaya..yesterday pics mostly before is the sanding time!

Gap between my side and bertandang side approximately 2 weeks..sempat pergi honeymoon
(click here for honeymoon entry) for bertandang..dah kurang nervous2..the flow more or less the same..

mak mengintai time kitorang tengah bersiap~

doa recitation by ayah (FIL)
i'm not nervous~

merenjis by ayah~

makan beradap~

en suami's sisters posing with aizu, our official photographer~

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Official Wedding Pics Part 6

Hi all..

This is a scheduled entry...bertandang official edited pics..not yet posted in my dah tak perlu kot sbb dah lama sangat..

Date : 15 Jan 2011
Time : 11-4 pm
Venue : Dewan Komuniti Presint 8, Putrajaya (anyone request me for the review?)

Nak lagi ke?

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

5 Months Wedding Anniversary: Seeking Prayer and Support

Salam all..

Lil bit of emotional is our 5 months of wedding anniversary..

I still remember last 5months at this time (i wrote this entry at 0925hrs)..i was waiting for en suami and his families to arrive my house for solemnization..each bride may experience your own moments...

Yes, i am yet pregnant..

Before married, few friends asked "kalau dah kawen nanti nak plan ke camne?" i said "hurm..tak plan kot tapi kalau boleh nak honeymoon dulu..maybe 6 months kawen baru start fikir"

Financially, Alhamdulillah both of us are working at the same building and career wise, i am no longer a workaholic person cam dulu..

Sometimes, i am also in doubt - can i be a good mother? rasa cam budak2 lagi..i am not a baby-lover..suke2 tengok gitu jela kan..mase die comel2 tak grumpy..macam2 fikir..can i have my own quality time after giving birth? can i manage my time for housework..husband..myself equally? mesti sakit beranak kan?

But later..after 3 months..when more friends and officemates keep on asking me..maybe no intention..just a caring or creating conversation mode..more or less afffects me..rasa sedih i have problem? or did i do something wrong? ke tak cukup berusaha (huhu soalan cam kelakar)?

One by one, heard good news from friends..morning sickness la..medical checkup la..cravingla..huu even good friends yang kawen after i pun ada yang dh pregnant~huu congrats to all of you! tu tak campur kawan2 yang selamat deliver..ok i jealous!

Thank you mama (MIL) and mak for not asking...maybe they understand how stress am i..or maybe they think its still too early what..baru 6bulan kot? I dont know what's inside en suami's mind..he always pretend to be cool cam takde pape berlaku..but there were times where he checked my tummy and said "ade baby dalam ni" padahal i memang buncit pun..everytime i feel exhausted ke terextra tidur ke..he loves to say "mesti penat ade baby kan?" huuu~~i feel soo guilty..

What am i suppose to do?
  • Think positive..i know Allah is testing me..He has his own plans.i really believe that..look around me..lots of ladies are not even have life partner..bertahun2 kawen takde anak..look at me..i am healthy and having a happy family..its just my time yet to come..
  • Keep and continue praying..all of us make mistakes and we are not perfect..owhh one thing to share..if you ternazar..settle cepat2..maybe we owe Allah something..alhamdulillah i dah berjaya ganti puasa semua..
  • Berusahalah...dont stress, folic healthy foods and be prepared. owh i bought fertility plan to check my ovulation of now..i dont prefer any medication..let it comes naturally..after 1 year...then have to plan something..
Can you do me a favour? families and friends, please support and pray for us.. only Allah can repay your kindness..

And please also pray for laylarahman too..

teringin nak ambil gambar camni~

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Official Wedding Pics Part 5

Ok ladies,

Cake cutting and outdoor sessions.. the session started after my reception...roughly cake cutting around 330pm..outdoor around 4pm..

Penat tidak terhingga tapi muka harus bajet comel~

Next...bertandang pics..

Monday, May 23, 2011

Official Wedding Pics Part 4

Here's my reception pics..

Just a simple wedding..but tonnes and tonnes of headache and hardwork be done due to time constraint and limited resources..yes resources especially for east coast region..alhamdulillah..

Next..cake cutting and outdoor sessions..

Condolence - Hulu Langat Landslide

Huu..believe many of us already heard the news..sad story happened last Saturday at Hulu Langat..

Rumah Anak-anak Yatim dan Anak-Anak Hidayah Madrasah Al-Taqwa were involved in landslide tragedy while they were practicing nasyid..Al fatihah to 16 young and cute boys (including 1 staff) ..

comelnya budak kecik 2 orang kt depan sekali tu~

Semakin banyak tanda2 hari kiamat kan? *insaf mode on*

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Official Wedding Pics Part 3

Fuhh finally this evening, i have time to publish my part 3..huh penat2 harini kemas rumah..

This will be my final entry for my solemnization part. dah dah la tu kan..

Refer to here, here and here for earlier posts k ;) credit nik aizu

Next, insyaAllah the reception..

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Official Wedding Pics Part 2

Thank you bloggers and friends yang menantikan gambar official dari photographer

This time around, i will post more pics during my solemnization. for those who visited my previous entries, you may see the same pics i posted let you know..earlier pics were raw/me edited on my own which were sangat la amateur kan..

jom layan my part 2

venue : my house in terengganu
event : solemnization @ 25 dec 2010 (huh sangat lama rasenye..)
time : 9am to 12noon..

my youngest sister looked soo serious tempeking corsage to my dad
her outfit - bought in Jakarta.. sangat murahhh!!

i was waiting and looking at my dad and en husband during solemnization
penat control senyum niiiihh :)

mesti tangan dua2 sejuk gigil2 especially en husband

closer view

nervous kan? hehehe~


Hopefully i can share more solemnization pics part 3

Friday, May 20, 2011

Official Wedding Pics Part 1

Salam all,

Sebagai seorang pengantin basi yang gila kuasa..again sorry for those rasa nak muntah sebab sampai sekarang baru i nak letak my official wedding pics..

As the image sizes are quite big, quite time consuming to upload..for tonight satu dulu k..hukhuk..

As I mentioned earlier, thank you Nik Aizu for all the piccas..marilah ramai2 book dia..wah promote pulakk..

He's at my u can expect some craziness in capturing your moments (bukan crazy k) :)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Review : Nur Kasih The Movie

My office implement a flexi hour time due to our business nature and new company policy..still 8 hours a day and its up to you in managing your time wisely.

We watched the 1220hrs till 1350hrs slot..1 hour 30minutes..ramai orang..masuk2 je dah start..tapi baru je start..

Ok let me review k..based from what i watched..can be different from yours..

Story line
  • For malay movie, i think the story line was quite ok..mostly banyak part sedih cam adam hilang..sakit dan sakit lagi..nur miscarriage..ayu raudhah meninggal..
  • Cerita ni takdela ulang scene time series improvement..ade flash back bila last2 nak habis je..
  • There were also some boring part...takdela boring mane but quite slow especially their journey in Jordan and part where Nur and Aidil looking for Adam who was missing.
  • Few gimmicks : Adam mimpi Nur mati, part Nur, Aidil and Adam dah tua..
Scene and Cinematography
  • I love the shot...sangat cantik~ paddy fields..desert..the houses (rumah Nur dan Adam sangat cantik)
  • Few CGI time accident dengan keretapi..kena tembak..
Moral stories to all of us
  • Learn to be more patient when challenges in front of you..
  • Never ever give up and continue praying and grateful for what Allah give to you
  • You cannot avoid death..if its not your time now..sooner or will comes to prepared.
  • Kepada setiap Muslim yang meninggal, amal jariah..ilmu pengetahuan yang ditinggalkan.. dah lupa ayat full die..
  • Kasih sayang sesama ahli keluarga..
Adam was very romantic to Nur...suke sangat part diorang sama2..especially part Adam dapat tahu Nur pregnant~

Nangis? of course la kene nangisssss...

Jom baca entry aisaisbebeh for her review pulak.. :) takpun terus book tiket..

Nur Kasih The Movie


InsyaAllah i will be watching Nur Kasih the movie this lunch hour~
with my good friend aka officemate

get ready with tissues and pashmina
sambil sejuk2 dalam wayang mane tau tangkap leleh pulak..

ohh i found this link..
fans can visit free ads Nur Kasih the series

yeay harini last day ganti puasaa...esok rayaa!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Macaroons Again?

Again? last time i did this entry..opss i did it again...hahahaha..

It wasn't my facebook friends..officemates..bloggers made me craving for macaroons.. jahat tak blaming others..lagi lagi bila puasa kan..

I did asked Merisik Gallery for their heart-shaped macaroons but min order are 100pcs..takkan nak melantak semuanya sorang2 kot..

Lucky Harrods is just a walking distance from office for a fasting lady like me..berkobar2 pergi beli last macaroons were mine!!

6 for MYR18
mahal x? normal la kot MYR 3/each..
i love the packaging~

jom skodeng what's inside




en suami ate one choc macaroons
from 6 now only 5 left..
blueberry, strawberry,coffee,passion fruit..
there was orange macaroon as well but i dont really like orange as food..prefer as drinks..

hahaha ok 4 now left..
sempat tu makan time tengah ambik gambar..
as of today, i still have 1 strawberry macaroon left in the fridge..simpan buat pusaka..siapa nak?

Taste..sedap sangatt..not soo sweet yet hard to munch..

En suami asked me to make some..hurmm..belum sampai seru lagi kot..haissh..kuih muih tradisional pun fail lagi..if anyone wish to try..i found the recipe here.


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