Monday, May 9, 2011

30 minutes with Abang Anuar Zain

Abang ke? hehe..

From my earlier entry here..en suami and i attended my office's dinner at Intercontinental aka Nikko Hotel yesterday night..theme Fabulous..

Intan : Suami suami~~
En suami : mesti ade something ni..cecite cecite..
Intan : Isteri takde baju nak pergi dinner... *memujuk mode*
En suami : Tema ape?
Intan : Fabulous..takde baju fabulous laaa.. *memujuk mode*
En suami : Tok sah bazir2 beli..pakai je baju akad tu..
Intan : Baiklah *dengan mood sedih*

What to do..ladies always feel no dress to wear..but en suami got his point..bila lagi nak pakai baju akad kan? did i win the best dress? hehe of course not la..simple je..ramai lagi vogue2..

i wore black scarf with solemnization dress to match with en suami..
en suami wore the hantaran shirt..
the best pic that i had~

Where is abang anuar? hehe ok sila layan video kat bawah ni..he spent 30 minutes with us singing his latest hit songs..few minutes je sempat record..tu pun lagu sedetik lebih..lalala abang anuar staring at me...can u see he was singing facing to me? please do not jealous en are still my number one..haish..lagha2 di malam jumaat~~

sedetik lebih~
my comment : anuar zain was very gentleman to ladies..
no wonder many ladies very the melting~~vocal superb..



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