Wednesday, May 25, 2011

5 Months Wedding Anniversary: Seeking Prayer and Support

Salam all..

Lil bit of emotional is our 5 months of wedding anniversary..

I still remember last 5months at this time (i wrote this entry at 0925hrs)..i was waiting for en suami and his families to arrive my house for solemnization..each bride may experience your own moments...

Yes, i am yet pregnant..

Before married, few friends asked "kalau dah kawen nanti nak plan ke camne?" i said "hurm..tak plan kot tapi kalau boleh nak honeymoon dulu..maybe 6 months kawen baru start fikir"

Financially, Alhamdulillah both of us are working at the same building and career wise, i am no longer a workaholic person cam dulu..

Sometimes, i am also in doubt - can i be a good mother? rasa cam budak2 lagi..i am not a baby-lover..suke2 tengok gitu jela kan..mase die comel2 tak grumpy..macam2 fikir..can i have my own quality time after giving birth? can i manage my time for housework..husband..myself equally? mesti sakit beranak kan?

But later..after 3 months..when more friends and officemates keep on asking me..maybe no intention..just a caring or creating conversation mode..more or less afffects me..rasa sedih i have problem? or did i do something wrong? ke tak cukup berusaha (huhu soalan cam kelakar)?

One by one, heard good news from friends..morning sickness la..medical checkup la..cravingla..huu even good friends yang kawen after i pun ada yang dh pregnant~huu congrats to all of you! tu tak campur kawan2 yang selamat deliver..ok i jealous!

Thank you mama (MIL) and mak for not asking...maybe they understand how stress am i..or maybe they think its still too early what..baru 6bulan kot? I dont know what's inside en suami's mind..he always pretend to be cool cam takde pape berlaku..but there were times where he checked my tummy and said "ade baby dalam ni" padahal i memang buncit pun..everytime i feel exhausted ke terextra tidur ke..he loves to say "mesti penat ade baby kan?" huuu~~i feel soo guilty..

What am i suppose to do?
  • Think positive..i know Allah is testing me..He has his own plans.i really believe that..look around me..lots of ladies are not even have life partner..bertahun2 kawen takde anak..look at me..i am healthy and having a happy family..its just my time yet to come..
  • Keep and continue praying..all of us make mistakes and we are not perfect..owhh one thing to share..if you ternazar..settle cepat2..maybe we owe Allah something..alhamdulillah i dah berjaya ganti puasa semua..
  • Berusahalah...dont stress, folic healthy foods and be prepared. owh i bought fertility plan to check my ovulation of now..i dont prefer any medication..let it comes naturally..after 1 year...then have to plan something..
Can you do me a favour? families and friends, please support and pray for us.. only Allah can repay your kindness..

And please also pray for laylarahman too..

teringin nak ambil gambar camni~


  1. bersabar...u jangan fikir sangattt..bile fikir akan stress..mase "usaha" tuh jgn fikir!!!

    teruskan folic acid!!!

    good luck!!!

  2. dear, banyakkan bersabar k.. zana pun dah 10 bulan kahwin but belum ada rezeki utk mengandung.. memang agak sedih bila ramai member yg khwin lps zana pun dah mengandung.. tapi semua tu rezeki dr Allah kan.. kita hanya mampu merancang, berusaha & berdoa.. selebihnya kita serahkan pada Yang Maha Esa..

  3. dear...byk2kn bsabar na..stiap apa yg terjadi ada hikmahnye..sayu je i bce entry u ni..
    take care dear jgn sdih2 ok..

  4. awww intan..u r so lucky working in same building..jimat kos.sabar ok.ur time will come.good things come to those who waits.hehe..amin

  5. anak itu rezeki..rezeki tu Allah yang tentukan so..sabar ok..akan tiba waktunya ;)

  6. dear intan..
    u r such a lovely person to put my name on ur entry :) air mata i bergenag bila bace part yg ur husband expect that u r preggy bile tgk perut buncit..same la mcm i..perut mg buncit and husband keep telling yg dlm perut tu ade baby and i mengandung 2 bulan! tapi sebenarnya die nk bergurau..same mcm husband u jugak kan? yang penting kita bahagia dan teruskan usaha..i jugak akan doakan utk u...

    p/s-->>3 bulan lps i ade amik folic asid but for now i da behenti makan for no reason..adakah itu putus asa??

  7. oh intan! sebak jugak baca entri ni..i faham perasaan u macamane :( jangan putus asa tau! my sis pon after 6 bln kawen baru pregnant..Allah akan bagi kita rezeki tu bila kita dah bersedia..chill ok? :) jom kita doa sama2

  8. intan...same la kita, anyway, im not so plan to have a baby awal2 ni, but then, when few people met me n keep on asking, i takut if i sendiri yg ade problem..

    no worries yeh sayang, Allah tau when the best time that we shud carry a baby :) pray for me too k..kita usaha sama-sama eh..mane tau kita saing2 pregnant ke, mesti best :) :)

    P/S : some tips that i've search on net, jgn makan asam byk2, not gud for those yg plan to have baby, else,jom kita try makan Bidadari, my SIL ade fibroid, but alhamdullilah, she consumed a bottle of Bidadari n now da ade baby boy yg sgt comelll :) alhamdullilah

  9. akan sampai masanya rezeki itu nanti. insyaallah

  10. thank you semua for your moral support n doa..yups..i kirenye sangat lucky kan..5months pun baru lagi..cuma rasa cam emo plak :)

  11. intan, let's pray together! moga2 dapat anak saing2. wah, best betul camtu, kan!

    pssst.. klu ada apa2 petua ke, info ke, bagitau la i sekali, ok. nanti blh apply petua tu sama2. hehe ;)



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