Sunday, May 29, 2011

Aktiviti Suka Suki Lagi

Dulu dah buat entry ni..tak caya..cuba click sini..

Actually i am in midst of drafting one entry about en suami's suprisela sangat birthday wish..but wish to reply tag from liyana first..

Earlier tag more or less about the same but i'll try to reply differently today..

5 Tarikh penting

17 Sept 2007 : first time i report duty to boss (my first job)
8 Aug 2009 : my engagement day
13 Dec dot dot : i'm a big girl (haha my first red flag!)
18 Jan 2003 : first day register at my uni
18 Jan 1985 : my ex-roomate's birthday

there are more important dates in my life..

5 Perkara dibuat semalam
  • Wish en suami for his birthday
  • Attended en suami's good friend solemnization at Semenyih
  • Went to Nilai after the event
  • Watched Cerekarama
  • Lipat kain

5 Perkara yang menggembirakan
  • Rumah bersih dan kemas
  • After bath..wangii~~
  • Watching Nora Elena @ TV3
  • Basuh kereta
  • Dapat hadiah
5 sebab jawap
  • Tag by liyana
  • tak tauu dh nak tulis apeeee...

Siapa2 rasa nak join jawap tag ni..marilahh..ohh dont forget to let me know..then i can crawling to your blog~

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