Saturday, May 14, 2011

Dear mr,

I am writing this entry to double check whether your system/database that your team maintains is back to normal.

For your info, my latest entry last Thursday was missing. My entries are all very important as they are based on what i had in my mind and sharing to my beloved bloggers, friends and all.

I believe some other bloggers are currently having the same difficulties as I am.

Hoping for your assistance to clarify the status. Am i safe to post entries? TQ

source google

Do you think mr will read my entry and reply? harm for trying :)


  1. yeah..sama la dengan..tension seyh..

  2. yeahhh hilang komen2 org bg.xdpt nk bc huhhh

  3. ni tengah seram2 lagi nk buat entry ke x..kumpul2 idea dulu la kot..

  4. sama lah. mula-mula entri hilang and now komen pun hilang ;) tengah pusing kot?



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