Monday, May 30, 2011

He Turned 26!

(I wrote this entry dated 28 May 2011)

Happy birthday en suami Wan Mohd Syazwan..

Lots of love and muahss to you! million thanks for accepting me as your wife..i will always pray for your good and your career and happiness dunia dan akhirat..

We were born in the same year - i was born 4 months earlier than him and that's the reason why he always says that he will be younger than me..haha we are now equal en suami..tak boleh berlagak2 lagi..

Nothing to give..sebab en suami mintak LED TV bapak besauu and motor besar gajah which obviously unaffordable for me to buy..but i give you my i'm heartless.. ngehehe...kidding!

I planned something suprise..not a big one..just bought a Famous Amos red truck and tempek small birthday card..

This how the story began..

En suami was telling me to sleep earlier sebab penat kerja- 27 May before 12midnight..(dalam hati i mesti die dah lupe ni) ok fine...i went to second room aka our prayer room and put the truck on top of sejadah..thinking he would see while about to perform Subuh prayer tomorrow morning..then i accompanied him to sleep..time was 1150pm..i duk borak2 taknak kasi die tidur..but he asked "kenapa tak tidur2 lagi ni?"

I keep on checking the time and when it turned 12midnight...happy birthday en suami~

Next morning, en suami woke up for Subuh prayer and found the truck..but before that actually he didn't notice and said to me "ingatkan letak sepah2 hadiah orang lain..nasib baik perasan ada kad"...haish en suami en suami..berfikiran isteri buat sepah...huhuhu..takpela..birthday boy punya pasal..maybe he was sleepy pagi2 buta..

I also prepared his favourite dish.. nasi putih, singgang ikan, telur masin..

hantaran idea anyone?~

Simple je kan?

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