Monday, May 2, 2011

I'm back..


I'm back to KL..i wish to stay bit longer with families..

En suami drove from office straight to Terengganu after working hours and we reached my house by 1215 am..hurmm penat walaupun x drive :)~

We stayed at my house sebab lama gila homesick tak jumpe mak~ then we went to visit in laws..weddings..jalan2..

For this time, i would like to share one of the best halal coffee shop in Malaysia..located in Kemaman, Trg since 1940. From the flyers, the owner Mr Wong opened his coffee shop with the name of Kopi Hai Peng..and now his daughter Ms Elaine opens few branches with different name (Sukiyang) at Starhill and Lot 10.

Jom layan pics that i managed to capture on the way back to KL this morning..

sedap gilerss nasi lemak die..very traditional and the sambal was marvellous..
couple next to us ate 6 bungkus!

Hai Peng cinnamon coffee
ni en suami ordered

Hai Peng kaya n butter toast..very home made bun

Hai Peng Milo i ordered

the crowd..berbilang bangsa..1 malaysia..tak pernah putus..
this pic taken at 12+noon..people still busy eating breakfast

jalan jalan cari makan was here!

this is the building..exactly next to Kemaman traffic light..


  1. i suka sandwich kat cn..
    lamer dah xmenjamu selera di sini..hee

  2. aiyaaa baca blog u pasal makanan malam2 ni buat i laparrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  3. jom balik kampung same2...nanti boleh i belanja korg :)



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