Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Muslim and Muslimah Bride Preparation

This special entry i share from miss aimi..hurmm have to type back as she disable the copy paste i buta it eh..anyway..thank you dear~

Its not to late for b2be to take note and perhaps can try to practice.. what to do before your wedding day..its not always about being beautiful outside..what you have inside is also important..
  1. go and meet your families seeking for forgiveness.
  2. pray 5 times a day
  3. perform prayer of repentance/solat taubat after maghrib prayer (for any sin that you know, or you may not know or even you may forget for the past years)
  4. perform solat hajat after isya' prayer (wishing for smooth wedding ceremony and happy life)
  5. make sure your budget has been allocated accordingly. Something to add, try your very best to settle all your debts with friends of family..hopefully money for the wedding is purely 'clean'.
  6. 2 t0 3 days before solemnization, please mandi wajib for several times. manela tau kan..mandi wajib sebelum ni tak betul2 bersih..
  7. solemnization day before the event, for couple, if possible mandi sunat and perform solat sunat. doa banyak2 mintak dipermudahkan semuanya.
  8. again, salam family members prior your solemnization (for the groom). maintain your wudhu'.
  9. baca bismillah dan salam tok kadi..hopefully sekali lafaz akad sahaja (for the groom)
  10. sujud syukur/solat sunat together after solemnization/legally wed.
masjid kristal terengganu - source from mr google..

For mantan b2be, perhaps you may practice solat sunat, puasa sunat and mandi wajib tu kan..sama2 kite berhijrah menjadi lebih baik..usia pun bukan makin muda kan? :)

p/s : puasa ganti dah habis belum?


  1. good reminder..thanks k.intan =)

  2. erk.. Puasa blum ganti. Nak ganti bulan ni dan bulan depan. Boleh diet trus hehe

  3. alamak.. utang ptptn tak abis bayar lagi. hihihihi..

  4. thanks intan for your reminder..

  5. thanks for the reminder babe :)
    i tak gnti puasa lg aiyakkk

  6. huhu..tak habis ganti lagi..sharing is caring..nice info aimi & intan..;)

  7. hahah tq saye pun belum abih ganti puasa lagi..insyaAllah esok nk puasa.. :)



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